Njundu Drammeh

When the spin doctors come to justify the D11M donation from Prexy Barrow to the Gambian pilgrims, I expect them to tell me that it is from the D20M budget line given to the president in the National Budget for “Donation”. GMD8M remaining. Yep

Our parliamentarians opened the floodgate for political patronage and clientelism, for the President.

It is becoming clearer that the Prexy has only 2 books on his shelf: “The Prince” and “48 Laws of Power”. And he is reading them ferociously. Somebody should burn them.

And yes, the pilgrimage to Rome will soon come too. The President must extend the same largess or “magnanimous gesture” to Christian community. A President for and of all cannot discriminate.

The President is burning his boat and very soon his bridge. In eyeing the next election, he is forgetting the reasons why we voted him in, what priorities he has promised, what emergencies we have.

How can we convince our development partners that we are serious about the implementation of the National Development Plan or any development for that matter? How can we convince others that the Gambia Government isn’t using their money and “pissirr passaring” ? How can the President donate such a colossal amount?

Our President is forgetting that he now is not Adama Barrow the real estate agent but rather Adama Barrow the President of the Gambia. He is not a private citizen and cannot engage in private acts of benevolence. The line between the Private and President are blurred now.

President Barrow is eyeing the next election and is doing everything to endear himself to the electorate. What easier way than piggy backing one’s ambitions on the religion. Yaya used it and succeeded. Barrow has started using it. Brace up for more such donations and political chicanery. It is all about the next elections.

And we still think Barrow the President is “clueless”? We should have a rethink. He is a clever political animal who understands the nature of the game of realpolitik.