Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital

Staff nurses working at the Gambia’s main referral hospital, Edward Francis Teaching Hospital in Banjul have launched an international appeal for blood bags.

The nurses said there is an acute shortage of blood bags in the hospital and is putting the lives of patients at risk.

In a video posted on Facebook, the nurses said: “We have an emergency here because something has come up that requires an emergency appeal. There are no blood bags here; they are finished.”

Last week, media reports said the need for blood bags at the hospital has reached an emergency point while some number of them was imported from the neighboring country Senegal.

 One of the nurses, said some blood bags were imported from Senegal at a cost of £1.50 each. “We have purchased 1000 bags and they will be arriving on Tuesday, but I ask all you people around the world to come and help.”

Another nurse identified only as Awa also appealed to the world to intervene and help save lives.

“We are out of blood bags right now and patients are in need of it.”