A forensic doctor who conducted postmortem examinations on the bodies of three youths from Faraba Banta who died during a confrontation with the police has confirmed that they were shot at close range.

Giving evidence at the ongoing commission of inquiry into the disturbances, Dr Franklin Perry said all three villagers died of serious injuries they sustained from the gun bullets fired at a very close range.

Amadou Jallow died two days after he was shot

Explaining in detail how each of the individuals died, the veteran medical officer with over 50 years experience said: “Bakary Kujabi was hit by the bullets in the front of his chest and the heart resulting in a big hole that caused his untimely demise on the spot.”

With regard to Ismaila Bah, he said the bullet from his shooter went through the right side of the victim’s body and then came out from the left hand side of his body destroying the tube that transferred the air causing suffocation resulting in his instant death.

“The bullet came in 2 rings and went out in 2.5cm,” Dr Franklin said.

He added Amadou Jallow who died two days after the shooting survived that long because the bullets got through his waist but despite a surgery he could not be saved and he died massive pulmonary bleeding as the damage was too late to be managed.

Courtesy of Daily News