Madi Jobarteh

A presidential statement would have been in place yesterday.

22nd July 1994 was not a partisan affair. It was an infringement on the will and sovereignty of Gambians when five rogue soldiers forcefully severed our democratic dispensation without the consent of the people.

Therefore it was a national malaise!

Not only did they trample upon the sovereign will and power of the people but they continued for bloody 22 years to further undermine, impugn and damage the human rights and human dignity of citizens not to mention their unending violations of the constitution that came to establish the second republic and the rule of law that underlie it, with impunity.

Lot of blood and tears were spilled without cause!

Therefore a day like today deserves an address by our Chief Servant to remind Gambians of their sovereignty, and the need for us to jealously guard that sovereignty by building and nurturing democracy and ensuring good governance as a means to never again witness a military coup not to mention a dictatorship.

I think it is not still late for Chief Servant Barrow to speak to the people in commemoration of such a day of infamy. It will be an address that will also console victims and give more assurances that justice will be done sooner than later!

This address can be done on July 23 or 24 or even July 25! It’s important!

For The Gambia Our Homeland