Alhaji Kurang

Gambia’s Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou Monday confirmed to journalists at a press conference that the secretary of the commission of inquiry Alhaji Kurang has been fired following a petition he wrote against the commission’s lead Counsel Amie Bensouda.

He said based on information available to him, Mr. Kurang acted beyond the confines of his administrative authority, which was principally to execute the orders of the commission and not to question the wisdom or motivations underpinning those orders.

“As a result of his actions, and in consultation with the commission, Mr. Kurang’s position as secretary to the commission has now become untenable under the circumstances,” Mr Tambadou said.

It was reported that Mr. Kurang wrote a petition that was copied to several offices including the Office of the President in which he accused lead counsel Bensouda of interfering with the commission’s orders in seizing former President Yahya Jammeh’s assets and properties.

Reports indicated that in the petition, Mr. Kurang stated that Counsel Bensouda was constantly on the phone with the former Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh, in an attempt to covertly negotiate and purchase Jammeh’s auctioned luxurious cars, livestock, and other properties. But in a counter statement, Counsel Bensouda has denied any wrong doing.

The commission of inquiry was instituted by President Adama Barrow to probe into institutions and bodies in connection to their financial dealings with former president Yahya Jammeh.

Minister Tambadou said Mr. Kurang has made a number of “unsubstantiated” allegations against Counsel Amie Bensouda.

by Amadou Jallow