Justice Hassan Jallow

As the eleven-member consitutional review panel is set to draft a blueprint for the future, Chief Justice Hassan Aboubacarr Jallow has expressed the need for the country to move towards a more perfect constitution that would not would not trample upon Gambians’ newly won freedom.

“We need a constitution to ensure that power can be exercised in order for the State to be administered. But also we need to have a system that will prevent abuses of power and provide remedies for the victims,” C.J Jallow told this reporter in an exclusive interview.
Last Monday, members of the Constitutional Review Commission were sworn in during a ceremony held at State House, Banjul. The said commission is comprised of devoted citizens who are among the most respected. Six men and five women are teaming up to adapt to new developments by framing a constitution that would propel the tiny West African nation into modernity.
He emphasized the protection of rights as a major pillar in building a nation shielded from dictatorial threats.
CJ  Jallow said they have to strike a balance in order to contain the Executive from undermining the Legislature and the Judiciary.
 When asked whether the era of presidentialist  regime is over, he made it clear that President Adama Barrow has sent a strong signal by putting a limitation to the number of term a Head of State could serve.
He then added that the decision is meant to curb the authority of heads of state.
“We need a strong Executive, a strong Legislature, and a strong Judiciary.”
Written by Abdoulie JOHN