Madi Jobarteh

The charge sheet for the Gunjur environmentalists is full of fabrications intended to violate citizens as was the case in the past 22 years.

1. The Police deliberately claimed that Amadou Scattered Janneh was “at large” when they know that to be false. For someone to be claimed to be ‘at large’ means such a person is on the run from justice.

Amadou was merely out of the country running his legitimate business when the police came up with their trumped up charge! How therefore can they state that the man was at large?

2. The Gunjur environmentalists never entered the Golden Lead premises much more threaten the manager or staffs. Yet the police fabricated that such incident did happen!

Does the IGP think we are still in Yaya Jammeh mode? It is only in Police States that the police would frame, set up and lure citizens into situations only to fabricate a narrative in order to criminalize citizens for the purpose of capturing and tormenting citizens.

It is so disheartening and concerning that The Gambia Police Force would dare to frame and fabricate unfounded stories just to implicate decent citizens in imaginary crimes!

This is not the kind of police Gambians deserve. We deserve an honest, truthful and patriotic police force that understands that their one and only job is to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of Gambians.

These environmentalists are innocent. The police must drop their bogus charges against them and refrain from giving false information to public officers and citizens.

Gambians must be seriously worried and frightened by these illegal act of the Police. If we allow this illegality to pass then we are risking the rights and lives of each and every citizen. This is because the police can now frame any citizen just to send you to jail.

We need system change in The Gambia Police Force.

For The Gambia Our Homeland.