Dida Halake

I leave aside the contentious and contested local issues around Gunjur because I am not informed as to what exactly the actual facts are. But on a general pan-African level, Madi raises a great question: “why can’t we Africans set up our own factories and sell to the rest of the world?”

The answers are as follows:-

For the same reason that the INDEPENDENT King Jaja of Opobo was not allowed to set up his own factories and trade with the rest of the world by the British after the 1884 “Carve-Up Africa” Berlin Conference. When King Jaja stubbornly insisted on being an independent trader, he was tricked, exiled and murdered (PLO Lumumba has a new UTUBE lecture titled “Africa is the meat on the plate at the dinner table”).

For the same reason that Patrice Lumumba was killed by the Belgians and the CiA in the 1960s (would we have the Belgian SEMLEX scandal all over Africa in 2018 if the likes of Patrice Lumumba and Kwame Nkrumah – overthrown by the CiA – had lived long enough to put their Africa-First policies into practice?);

For the same reason that Gen. Murtalla Muhammed was assassinated in Nigeria: would the British have siphoned off Nigeria’s oil wealth, destroyed Ogoni land and murdered Ken Saro Wiwa if Murtalla Muhammed had lived?

For the same reason that the French overthrew and murdered Thomas Sankara: might not “the land of upright people” have succeeded in becoming truly upright if Sankara had lived?

Madi then offers a solution to Africa’s economic woes:-

The solution is the same that America, Europe and China and UAE or Qatar and … produce honest, efficient and visionary leadership that is hard working, patriotic and accountable. But with dedicated leadership and strategic organization and pragmatic vision, they were able to transform their countries from poverty to prosperity within a generation or two”.

Leaving aside the questionable assertaion on “leadership accountability in China, UAE and Qatar”, the fact is that The American Empire which had “developed” on the back of African Slavery, SWALLOWED Europe and then offered the European Elite “Marshall Aid” for recovery – on the strict condition that the European disinvested from Wall Street and allowed America to invest in Europe. The alternative would have been for the European Elite to face a revolt of the poor in their own countries – and a swallowing up of Western Europe by Soviet Russia which had already swallowed up Eastern Europe.

Today’s fight in Europe over Trump’s trade tariffs and over US giants such as Google and Facebook REFUSING to pay taxes on profits made in Europe (they argue they already pay taxes in the USA!) is a result of the Marshall Plan. Today’s row between Europe and USA over Iran is another case in point: The Europeans have lucrative contracts with Iran and want to continue to trade. Trump on the other hand wants regime change in Iran so that USA can set up its own government in Iran and US companies can have ALL the trade – while at the same time turning off the Iranian oil pipelines to China! Macron has fumed: “France is not America’s vassal!” (Oh yes you are Macron!).

Of course, the USA enforces its will in Europe by a formidable presence of US MILITARY FORCES in Europe under the guise of NATO. SAUDI, UAE and QATAR are America’s OIL WELLS – and funders of Islamic Terrorist Organisations at the behest of the CiA and there is nothing more to be added to that. If they were truly independent nations the Palestinian and Jerusalem issues would have been solved a generation ago. All these countries have USA military occupation too (also called “bases”).

South Korea and Japan are militarily OCCUPIED countries … and Trump is prepared to kill 10 MILLION South Koreans to “OBLITERATE” North Korea (10 million people will be “collateral damage” to maintain US Imperial Hegemony in the face of the challenge from China).

China survived US Imperial Hegemony only because Russia gave China the ATOM BOMB – I think in 1950. And in 1953, China surprised the US Military by kicking them out of North Korea and leaving the USA with only South Korea. China FAILED in its attempts to develop on its own – Chairman Mao’s “The Great Leap Forward”, which became “The Great FALL Forward”, being the main example.

Then came President Richard Nixon. Faced with defeat in Vietnam, Nixon visited China and offered them a seat at the table of “Great Nations” at the World Trade Organisation – and China began to trade with the world. No doubt the USA thought that they could conquer China through trade – just as German was conquering Europe through trade … at that point China was also hostile to the Soviet Union. The door to Super-Power Trading Nation status truly opened up for China when the USA engaged in THE WAR ON TERROR that has now consumed USA wealth and time for 17 years. China took the opportunity to grab world markets – and has become an Economic Imperial Power … with Military Imperial Power not far behind.

The moral? Britain was only able to conquer Africa once they invented the Machine Gun (the Zulus amongst others were able to beat the British rifles with Zulu Assegais). What we need to do, Bro. Madi, is to develop a unimaginable weapon that can destroy anyone who threatens to invade our countries or overthrow our governments. The Chinese are working on an unimaginable space weapon openly – because they have nuclear weapons and cannot be invaded. But we must work on that unimaginable weapon secretly – or like Saddam Hussein and Gadaffy our leaders will be hunted and hanged! Sorry to depress my readers, but while we are militarily weak neither PLO Lumumba’s lectures, Madi’s writings nor my humble selves writings will make a difference to Africa’s depressing condition.Great souls such as Kwameh Nkrumah, Frantz Fanon and Steve Biko have blown their brains and hearts out on the subject long before us. We must, therefore, accept our condition and in Macron’s words remain “vassals” to the powers that be – be it USA, Britain, France or China.

PS: Madi, I did see, rather surprisingly, the Red Star flying over Gunjur! Don’t take that as an affront to Gambian Sovereignity – it is more likely to be a-not-too-subtle warning to the USA’s National Endowment for Democracy which might be funding the USA’s former professor and US citizen, Dr Amadou Scattred-Janneh, in an attempt at a local “colour revolution” in Gunjur!