Alagi Yorro Jallow

I love the crop of “Political Activists” that we have on Social Media. I know names of people like and many others I don’t know.

When they speak, they make headlines, they are opinion spinners without doubt. Some of them are perceived as “anti-government” and hands off to those perceived and assumed propagandist of the government.

I have seen folks who had a version for FOX News, a version for MSNBC and another version for CNN on the very same issue. On Facebook, political activists would sound pro-government (that’s why they loved to be featured) and on the other radio stations some would be bashing and appeasing the same government that they applauded

Now this is where I am questioning the objectivity of these people we christened “political activists.” I really don’t understand as to what makes one a political activist? Is it for bashing the government of the day for or any other political development? Does it mean that political activists cannot make positive or balanced comments on an issue?