Umpa Mendy with Ex- President Jammeh

Two brigadier generals, who returned to the Gambia after being absent without leave (AWOL), will face charges of desertion.

Umpa Mendy and Ansumana Tamba appeared before a military court on Wednesday as the
court has been weighing whether the duo are still serving with the military or have returned to civilian life.
When the case came up for hearing, Justice Aminata Saho Ceesay took the court step by step through the key bone of contention between the prosecution and the defense team. While the defense firmly stood by its argument that the duo are civilians as they were not receiving salaries, the prosecution challenged the stance in arguing they are
still members of the country’s national army.
Brigadier Gen.Umpa Mendy and Ansumana Tamba were arrested on January 21st after they were able to’ pass through Gambia’s main airport,before arrested. They are part of thé top military personnel who accompanied ex-dictator Jammeh to Equatorial Guinea.
Justice Aminata Saho Ceesay dismissed the submission made by the defense, and made it clear that the duo are still members of the army.
She added that they were not struck off for going AWOL, and the salary issue remains an administrative matter that cannot affect the trial.
Subsequently, the President of the military court, Commodore Madany Senghore, ruled that the accused persons, who appeared in civilian attire, will receive their uniforms.
The case continuous.
Written by Abdoulie JOHN