Mai Ahmad Fatty, leader of the Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) has given his backing for a national dialogue to chart a way forward for the country.

One year after Gambians put an end to the 22-year-old regime of Jammeh regime, there are calls for President Adama Barrow to convene a national dialogue to find ways of addressing challenges in the various sectors of the country including education and health sectors.

“A national dialogue is necessary after going through a brutal dictatorship that divided the country ,” he told reporters during a
news conference held Sunday at his party headquarter.

The tiny West African nation is recovering from two-decade long of ‘rule of fear’, that has left Gambians more divided on so many
critical issues.

Holding a national forum is expected to provide for Gambians, from all walks of life the opportunity to take stock of the
current state of affairs and make recommendations that would enable
the country to build a consensus on the way forward.

Mr Fatty said the country remains polarized as Gambians are still politically divided. He cited the results of the 2016 Presidential elections, saying it was very close.

“It is necessary to have a national unity dialogue. It would be very useful for Gambians to put the past behind them, and appreciate the significance of the change that came about, ” Fatty emphasized.

As the New Gambia is taking shape, GMC leader further stated that it requires a new type of citizen.

He then added that part of the responsibility of the new government is to strengthen institutions, both government and non-governmental.

He reiterated the importance of such an initiative, and took the opportunity to urge government  to take the path toward dialogue.

Written by Abdoulie JOHN