Dida Halake

Dear Gambian Doctors,

I think yours was a righteous stand insisting on “due process” before professionals are tarred with the brush of thievery. The Minister’s statement was bound to offend. But now the Minister has gracefully apologised in clear and unambiguous words:-

“I apologise to anyone who may have been offended by the statement”

I now urge our professional to equally gracefully accept that Ministerial apology humbly offered and return to work the hallowed task of caring for their patients.

It is a learning process in The New Gambia’s democratic dispensation for everyone and genuine mistakes made in good faith are normal. I am sure that the relationship between the Minister and the doctors will resume without any rancour or ill-will.

Six days ago, I put the situation this way:-

“The Minister should have pointed fingers at the ENTIRE healthcare system for extensive corruption instead of singling out young Doctors. We cannot declare ALL young doctors guilty as the Minister seems to have done here. But I think from your statement above we agree. All the Minister needs to do is apologise to the young doctors and move on – I agree with you that resignations are NOT necessary for these problems caused by mere semantics”.

Back to work now, Gambia’s gallant doctors. The nation has trained you at enormous cost and your hospitalized fellow citizens need your services desperately.

God Bless All.