Madi Jobarteh

If the press release from the Foreign Ministry is indeed authentic then the Minister of Tourism must exercise accountability and leadership to honourably resign. The various comments by Hamat Bah against Senegal, Thailand and Gambian young men and women among others are unintelligible and embarrassing.

Therefore if Hamat fails to see the untenability of his comments and their impact on the reputation of the Government and the Gambia then President Barrow must demonstrate greater leadership and courage to sack Hamat Bah immediately!

But if President  Barrow too lacks the courage and wisdom to sack his Tourism minister immediately then the National Assembly must summon him to express urgent concerns about the conduct of his Government towards the international community.

Yet if the National Assembly also fails to exercise their powers in protecting the reputation of The Gambia then We The People must act to demand leadership and accountability from this Government! We must not allow ministers to engage in street talk when relating with issues that have international dimension.

For The Gambia Our Homeland.