(JollofNews)- As the campaign “The Gambia We Want” is gaining momentum, the Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (TANGO) is mobilising its activist base to make their voice heard.

The country’s umbrella body of civil soviety organisations is making big push to make the New Gambia a reality for all.

“We can’t continue with business as usual. This consultative meeting would ensure that communities are more involved in issues affecting them,” TANGO’s executive director Ousman Yabo, told JollofNews as his organisation embarks on Tuesday into a one-day regional dialogues at the Governor’s Office in Brikama.

Since the tiny West African nation gained its ‘independence’ from British colonial rule, politicians have hijacked the struggle of the masses. Gambia’s political history has been marred with a less involvement of communities in the way the country is governed. The consultative forum is taking place 24 hours before CSOs meet with the Gambian leader.

Yabo said in this New Gambia, cititizens are expected to stand firm on their feet in making sure that public servants are not only accountable, but also deliver on expectations.

The Governor of West Coast Region, Bakary K.Sanyang, who spoke to JollofNews, made it clear that new authorities are responding to peoples’ concerns through the National Development Plan (NDP).

He said the recent meeting with senior civil servants at State House, Banjul, and which was presided by President Barrow, is illustrative of gov’t commitment to prioritizing a stakeholder approach for policy making.

He said the Brikama Regional Dialogues are part of this new approach as gov’t has created as the new regime has created a conducive environment for people to be more engaged in defending their rights.

Similar sentiments were expressed by the Ministry of Lands and Local Governments Permanent Secretary, Buba Sanyang who said it is important that peoples’ views are reflected in what they do. “This would help them to take ownership of goverment policies,” he added.

As the new democratic dispensation is taking shape, Gambians are gradually shifting from a ‘docile’ attitude to a more proactive stance.The coming days or months will help to have a good insight on how a ‘New Gambian’ is emerging from the shadows of two-decade long dictatorship.

Written by Abdoulie JOHN