Habib Drammeh

Gambia’s Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service, Mr Habib Drammeh engaged Permanent Secretaries on management systems and procedures in the civil service at the State House, this morning.

Leading the discussions, Mr Drammeh highlighted various management tools and instruments to instill professionalism, work ethics and efficient service delivery. He also emphasised the importance of communication and monitoring mechanisms within the government system.

The meeting stated various instruments such as the Government Order (GO) and Code of Conduct as examples of documents to guide civil servants, yet many are not familiar with them. These instruments are meant to instill professionalism and for civil servants to devoid politics in their service delivery.

The interaction was to re-build confidence of the senior officials in taking up their responsibilities. They were urged to be accountable for their institutions and strengthen the relationship between the Office of the Secretary General and the Ministries. The aim is to ensure networking and teamwork towards the effectively implementation of the National Development Plan 2018-2021.

The Officials recommended amongst other issues to sensitise their teams on the National Development Plan, strengthen partnership, collaboration and encourage effective communication in their bid to provide services to Gambians. It was also noted that the monitoring mechanism could be strengthened to evaluate the processes and procedures in service delivery.