Dr Ismael Ceesay

This is the test of what is to come. If Gambians alllow this illegal arrest of Ismaila to pass off without immediate redress then no Gambian is ever safe again.

If we allow this illegality it means anytime the state can arrest anyone only to say you are being invited only to be detained for hours and days and weeks and months and years in detention as we saw it happen to Kanyiba Kanyi and Chief Manneh and many other Gambians in the past 22 years.

Let us stand up to stop the police from ‘inviting’ citizens to the police station for merely expressing an opinion. Let The Gambia Government respond to its critiques through the same media channels but not by the use of force and violence through security institutions. The police have no authority to ‘invite’ Dr Ismaila Ceesay only to then detain him for 24 hours.

Dr Ceesay is a peaceful and nonviolent and decent Gambian. He must not be arrested like a criminal or armed warrior. His arrest is a threat to each and everyone of us.

This is exactly the same manner in which dictatorship emerged in our country for 22 years. By allowing one infringement of human rights we came to endure persistent and unending infringements on our human rights.

I will go to the Police Headquarters tomorrow morning to assemble there until Dr Ceesay is released unconditionally.

For The Gambia Our Homeland