Alagi Yorro Jallow

Ambassador Femi Peters. You were so alive; ‘death’ is so inappropriate. You have simply transferred, transposed, translated, transited, transversed, transmuted And transcended.

Ingram Peters Jnr and family – good people: you were so gracious, soft-spoken and open-hearted. Femi Peters; your faith and quiet deeds touched many, many hearts. All things bright and beautiful; the Lord God made them all. ‘He gave us eyes to see them, and lips that we might tell’. Mr. Femi Peters from Hadddington (rest in Peace):

Ambassador Peters the Politician.
Femi Peters was in a class of his own. A man with an urgent mission. He was different from the current crop of Gambian politicians, whose only mission is speaking from the side of the mouth while thinking with the stomach.

Ambassador Peters was not one to take injustice lying down. He fought President Yahya Jammeh who was busy annexing and grabbing land and human rights abuses. Even though President Jammeh offered him both diplomatic and ministerial positions, he did not hesitate to lay the facts bare and fight for what he believed was right.

Many times, his voice was always in the minority. He was not mesmerized by “tyranny of numbers” but reason. Femi Peters was no “Mbarrodi”. He was not a sycophant. In opposition he was no Mbaroodi.

The one-time political prisoner was a “hustler” for human rights and not a self-styled tribal kingpin who mortgages his people to the highest bidder to facilitate his own penchant for primitive accumulation.

Femi Peters was a gentleman. He was not a political opportunist, the vocal politician pretending to fight corruption while at the same time using corrupt means to avoid the law. Femi Peters was a cut above Mbaroodi, the political opportunist. He saw politics as a means of public service and not an opportunity to further raw nepotism.

He never sold his conscience for money. He knew money could buy material things but at the same time appreciated that it is never everything. Femi Peters was a solid man. He was no tribal bigot. He didn’t need some “tribal” awakening to do that which is right. In style and substance, his commitment to his people was exemplary.

For all his sacrifices and struggles for the Gambian people, he was psychologically destroyed but never broken. They destroyed his properties and his lifestyle. He transcended. They made sure his family and children are destitute. He transited. Selfless sacrifice.