Seedy Njie

(JollofNews) – A spokesman for the Gambia’s former governing Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) party has told JollofNews that his arrest on Friday was politically motivated.

Seedy Njie, a former nominated National Assembly Member was picked up by some plainclothes officers of the previously unknown State Intelligent Unit and taken to their office at State House, where he was questioned for hours over comments he made about the arrest and continuous detention without charge of one his party’s supporters.

Mr Njie said the officers were pandering to political pressure and he is considering filing a police complaint for harassment and intimidation.
“The police were not even aware of my arrest. They were looking for me,” he told JollofNews in an exclusive interview.
“I have done nothing wrong by calling for the release of an APRC supporter.”

Meanwhile in a letter to the online Freedom Newspaper, Mr Njie wrote: “I woke up this morning Friday 19th January 2018(after 7am) saw four plain cloth men one of them a driver standing close to my vehicle waiting to arrest me.

The officers rushed to me and claimed to be police officers informing me that “Hon sir, we are police officers acting on directive from the office of the President to get you” said one of them who later told me his name is Lamin Darboe. They further told me that “we are taking you to police headquarter in Banjul”. I asked them to go and will join them but they insisted taking me then I decided to get back to my house to change my dress.

The officers whisked me away in a double cabin pick-up to state house NIA office where Muhammed Kanteh Director of Intelligence President office was waiting with other officers. “The reason why you are brought here is in connection with your recent call for the release of your supporter Landing Manneh and you (Seedy) also said that ” what the country need is national reconciliation and unity not violence” these words should not come from you as a political leader.

Landing is arrested by the security how can you say that he should be released. The interrogation/confrontation lasted for about two hours or more and was asked to report back on Monday to the same office .I told the team that I will continue to call for his release and any other detainees.”