Fabakary Tombong Jatta

The interim leader of Gambia’s former governing party, Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), has urged the government of President Adama Barrow to end the unprovoked attacks on his party supporters.

Fabakary Tombong Jatta said Monday and Wednesday’s attack on his supporters in Mankamang Upper River Region (URR) and Busumbala were carried out by thugs who are given a free reign by the authorities.

He warned that while his party cherishes the country’s peace and stability and continues to adhere to the various laws of the country, they will not allow the unprovoked attack on their supporters.

“Let me say this, the greatest party in this country is the APRC and let this be the last time that we are attacked. We will not attack anybody but henceforth if we are attacked, we will defend ourselves,” he said.

The former majority leader of the Gambian National Assembly added: “As we speak, they are still attacking APRC supporters especially those wearing green t-shirts and the government is paying deaf ear. Is this democracy? You see we are all Gambians and love our country, but enough is enough.

Riot police were deployed to restore order

“I urge the government to take a stance on this issue. It is inexplicable for the government to fail to restore peace in Busumbala for almost 48 hours. What about if it was happening in various regions? For us, it is because they are not APRC and that is why they enjoy that. If what happened in Busumbala had happened in an APRC stronghold, the entire villagers would have been arrested.”

Mr Jatta said he is surprise to learn that the police are yet to effect a single arrest on individuals who assaulted and damaged the properties of his party supporters

“What surprises us is that there was no arrest made. I must emphasise that if we continue to be taking sides whenever we are attacked, it will become a habit and therefore it is the duty of the security forces to ensure that the highways are secure for people to go about their business,” he added.