(JollofNews) – President Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany has committed
himself to help the Gambia solve its energy crisis.

Electricity shortages are frequent in the country, and continue to hamper the Gambia’s development efforts.

“In the short term, we will provide emergency support for the power company’s machines to operate,” he said while addressing journalists at the end of his two-day working visit.

The new Gambia government inherited a power company in dire financial need and struggling to provide stable electricity supply. This prompted President Adama Barrow to spearhead with development partners
a big push to put an end to the country’s power crisis.

Steinmeier said he was accompanied by high-powered delegation including Germany’s Finance and Energy ministers as well as companies that are present at the global level.

“My visit to the Gambia is meant to strengthen ties between the two countries,” he added.

He further stated Germany’s readiness to assist a young democracy like the Gambia.

His Gambian counterpart, Adama Barrow, expressed ‘very high expectations’ for Germany to provide support not only in the energy sector, but also help build capacities in various areas.

“Our engagement with Germany will further strenghten our bilateral cooperation, and mutual interest to promote democracy for
socio-economic development of our people ,” President Barrow said.

The Managing Director of Andritz Hydro GmbH, Peter Magauer, who spoke to JollofNews, said he has discussed potential business opportunities with Gambian official.

A leading German company, Andritz Hydro has already made breakthrough in DR Congo, South Africa and Angola where they provide ‘one of the best developped renewable energy generation.’

The company took part in the Gambia-Germany business forum organised
in the margins of President Frank Walter Steinmeier’s visit.

Assan Faal, the CEO of Gambia Investment and Expert Promotion Agency (GIEPA) told JollofNews that energy topped their discussions with German partners.

“The whole world is moving towards renewable. If we are going to invest in energy, it must be something that is more futuristic,” he said.