President Adama Barrow

(JollofNews) – Coalition government partners Saturday have organized a mega rally to celebrate the one-year anniversary of New Gambia, which is marking the end of 22-year dictatorship by the Jammeh regime.

Thousands of supporters stormed the Buffer Zone in Talinding (9 km from Banjul) to take stocks of a moment that has been described as the victory of democracy and rule of law.
Addressing a cheerful crowd, President Adama Barrow said the pursuance of justice is one of the greatest priorities of his government, citing the establishment of the Commission of Inquiry into financial dealings of ex-President Jammeh and his close associates as testimony of his government’s resolve to shed light on a number of critical issues.
The tiny West Africain nation is yet to recover from two-decade-long tyranny that have plunged the country into arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings. New authorities are making
big push to address the numerous challenges Gambia is confronted with. Development partners such as European Union (EU), World Bank (WB), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have pledged more support to the new regime.
President Barrow said agriculture constitues a backbone of the country’s economy, and promised to explore the sector in realising all its potentials.
“The potentials of this critical sector remain largely untapped. It is not by accident that the agricultural sector is among the top five
priorities of my government,” he said while provoking waves from a crowd of fans wearing t-shirt, which is bearing his effigy.
He reiterated his commitiment to leading Gambia towards the path of food self-sufficiency.
People’s Progressive Party (PPP) leader Omar Amadou Jallow, one of the leading voices of Coalition 2016, urged Gambians to remain united in the face of a new political dispensation that poses huge challenges.
Jallow said Gambians voted for change because Coalition partners endorsed an agenda that promotes unity, compelling them to push for a Gambia that belongs to all irrespective of their political affiliation
or tribes.
In a similar vein, the emblematic figure of United Democratic Party (UDP) Ousainou Darboe said what they are celebrating is the day Gambians regained their political freedom. But he was quick to warn that this could be meaningless if they are not able to get their economic freedom.
Halifa Sallah of Peoples’ Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) did not take part in the celebrations. The spokesperson of Coalition 2016 is yet to shed light on their resounding absence.