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Gambia: Ex-Army Boss Declined Over US$250 Million Offer To Topple Jammeh

November 17, 2017
Former army boss Ousman Badgie

(JollofNews) – A former Chief of Defence Staff of the Gambia Armed Forces has used his first interview with a Gambian newspaper to reveal how some foreign powers tried to bankroll him to topple the regime of former President Yahya Jammeh during the political impasse.

General Ousman Bargie said he was approached by representatives of some European and African governments who tried to give him millions of Euros and Dollars in cash to push Mr Jammeh out of power after he refused to relinquish power following his defeat in last December’s election.

He said he refused to accept the offer  because he felt it was blood money and an insult on his love for the Gambia.

Speaking to the Standard Newspaper in Banjul, General Bargie said: “I was approached about three times and offered money in cartons and I said no, I’m not going to sell the Gambia and I will not take over this country. I am not elected by the people and I am doing my job. I assured them that by the grace of God, Adama Barrow will take over but they doubted me.”

Although Bargie has declined to name the representatives of the foreign countries, he said he was initially offered 75 million euros which was later increased to US$250 million.

He added that after he refused the second offer he was approached again with a third offer. “The last one even annoyed me because it was a lot of money. But I will not repeat what I said to them because Allah will punish me. I was out of my mind and annoyed by the fact that another country will ask me to sell my country. That was how I was feeling. It would have been blood money, I swear to God that is not me. I will not use blood money,” he said.

69 thoughts on “Gambia: Ex-Army Boss Declined Over US$250 Million Offer To Topple Jammeh”

  1. Not a sigle word comming out of that man’s mouth is true. He would have grap the opportunity with both hands, both legs and his mouth if he was offered $250, unless if alcohol was free or he is too scared to accept

  2. Truthful or not, I am not in position to categorically dismiss with a Kneejerk Reactionary response to Former General Badjie’s Representions. At least he has not tried to enrich himself with the Corrupt and Corruptive Practices and at the expense of the Gambia and Gambians in just about Ten Months of holding a key Powerful Position in the Gambian Government. Unlike some “Wolves in Sheep’s clothing” with waging and finger pointing bravado who almost single-handedly plunged the Gambia in to Civil Disturbance and Strife like Former President Yaya Jammeh almost did, General Badjie’s Reputation is Soiled and Tainted by Allegations of a 15 Million Dalasis Scandal. A ten million Dalasis Mansion nor allegations of pilfering Clients Funds by Fiat and Subterfuge of “Power of Attorney”. To all the General’s detractors, the above can’t be said of him or associated with his Character. To that end, I as a free born and Gambian trust and believe in this gentleman than the lot some of his detractors Cavort and Swim with in Corruption and Corruptive Practices. Until proven otherwise, General Badjie’s Reputation has more Value Compared to the Cabal type I outlined above. He prevented blood shed and chaos when Greed and Profit such the ones being revealed monthly in the Gambia of the recent past. Thank you very much, General for contributing to the restoration of the Gambia and Gambians Peace and Tranquility. Hold your Reputation high and your Principles even Closer to your person. Allah/God bless the Gambia and Gambians.

    1. Sidi don’t get me wrong. General Badjie’s picture wearing ‘jujus and grigris’ on his neck on top of a respected republican military uniform raises psychological questions on the person’s state of mind.
      Secondly Jammeh and Badjie faced a ‘Fait Accompli” in which ECOMIG forces were no match in air power, seapower, military gears and training.
      Thirdly half of the population went on exodus and the other half knew Jammeh will never put up a fight simply because he is COWARD. Psychologies will tell us that serial killers are always afraid to die despite proffering death threats left right and center at passive enemies.
      That is why I called Jammeh a chicken in the narration I wrote immediately in my ‘episodes write up’ in January 2017.

      Nice weekend to you all.

  3. Very interesting, though hard to prove/disprove. The problem with the gentleman is that he fluctuated so much during that impasse that it’s difficult to know what to believe about him. He does look genuine and down to earth, though, and that’s always a good sign in a person.
    What happened to his diplomatic deployment? Anyone know whether he has assumed his new role in the diplomatic service or not. I hope the government hasn’t changed its mind about him, because that will be disappointing, to say the least.

  4. Given the situation at the time, I believe what the General said. I have worked with him and I know he is a simple and God fearing. Folks whether you like him or not this man has handled the situation carefully to see us through. Those making noise and bravado now where were they. Give credit where it is due. God bless you General Badgie

  5. The man has never been insane,and he knows exactly what he was doing at the period and time,for those in doubt,i wish you know the man,he would not say things for the sake of just saying it,so don’t judge before you are judged.

  6. While taking this claim with salt pinch; I for one don’t think Mr General is entirely innocent in the whole explanation…
    There’s no realistic effective commands structure in the military & security apparatus in general under the late kanilai murderer’s fiefdom, except the evilness devil’s own say so only…
    General Bargie wasn’t entirely in control of anything on his own merits, if any, but rather on ‘yes sir!, yes sir! bases only to wimps of the kanilai Dracula…
    The general would’ve been among the immediate casualties on attempt, if not to be the first one to be neutralised, & eleminated by his own assistants (kanilai devil) implanted around him; in a security setup purposefully structured on infiltration for the kanilai sadistic devil’s selfish ends only & nothing else…
    ‘Secrecy’ is constitutionally ‘accepted & applied’ worldwide (by all & every governments) when in a state & community’s general positive impacting overall…
    While the (billion dollars) ‘annoying offer’ have been offered, stating towards for safe rescue of the community as alleged to, all of which were refused; the humble general accepted a vehicle from yaya evilness Jammeh; for being a deserving crucial player¿ however, this vehicle has been ‘recovered back to the state’ lately…
    Mandinka – Totto jeh saunna tilikunteh or totto la tilikunteh saunngo – Toads never relocate habitats in red hot sun(broad daylight) out of the ordinary…
    I urge the general to avail himself to the various commissions as to whatsoever he was privy to, in enabling smooth reconciliation facilitation; even with self implicatory evidences, some of which can be pardoned somehow, at some point; for assisting the nation to the crucial healing process; to move on in unison as innocent Gambia deserves…
    The laybonn, luppane, (ak) amna fi, won’t be of any realistic help, if any, but rather facilitate instigations of pointing ‘foreign interferences’, which are aimed in the international legitimate responsibility for Gambia’s rescue; we have already seen some similar being politically exploited for the fatal kanilai unrest recently…

    1. Lol Bajaw…your observation angle is very revealing….My Marabout General has more than one magic wand in his bags… Lol.

  7. Badgie’s statement makes sense. If it were others they would have choose the money in the expense of the nation.

  8. $250M! To kill Yahya Jammeh. Exactly what is the ROI. That illiterate idiot is a liar. He is complicit in Yahya’s criminal regime. Sure sure, can you see this imbecile pushing back even a tiny sum of Dalasi 1M with his greedy paws. The man should be in jail!

    1. You can disagree with what the guy said and did during the impasse, and God knows I have my reservations too, but to call him an illiterate idiot is not grounded on any anecdotal evidence. Trying to reduce people we disagree with or don’t like to mere sub human, to elevate one’s warped higher statues, is the height of arrogance and A lack of foresight.

  9. Pa, I see a different side to this general; if anything, the general’s story telling sidekicks mustn’t deceive any; taken to consideration the general’s deliberations in the past under the evil kanilai killerdom; as in your {kamasha junku) juju example (you have stated up here) he donned from waist to his neck during the coward kanilai sadist bravery showpiece; not for defence of Gambia but for the kanilai devil solidarity against fellow innocent Gambia…¿
    He hasn’t accepted the bribery offer & didn’t commit & caused any civil war by attempting to overthrow the kanilai evilness devil; no ‘crimes’ were committed by him then…

  10. Indeed, there have been vaccillations from the military and the three other Branches of the the former government and their interlocutors during the Gambian Political Impasse. That was expected, unless one wanted the Military to take over as did former President Yaya Jammeh did in 1994? With reference to the jujus and some of the actions taken by General Badjie during the Impasse, I would rather have his actions, words and behavior than have some power grabbing Soldier taking over the government and potentially plunge the Gambia into another added Crisis during the Impasse. Hindside is 20/20, and “backseat drivers” would come out of the woodwork with baseless platitudes and assumptions without any evidence or foundation. I don’t know the man and I don’t have to know him to be Objective. On any given day, I would rather have an African man, African general wearing jujus, if it is not against the Military Code of Conduct or the Constitution, if he so elects to do so during the kind of Impasse the Gambia was confronted with and yet remain calm and collected, and not attempt to take advantage of a Political vacuum by taking over the government. I would rather have the same type or kind of African general remain on Duty and in the Position he was entrusted with rather than run away to Senegal as some people including some Military Members and Police did during the Impasse. That is Dereliction of Leaderdhip, Duty and Conduct Unbecoming a Soldier, Police and some Party Officials who took off to Senegal during the Impasse. Truth be told, if General Badjie is of any other Ethnic group or Tribal Affiliation, jujus not withstanding, General Badjie would have been Declared a Hero and Recognized as such by the Current Gambian Government, the detractors and the UDP Militants Wing. Bax asked an important question that Gambians need to demand an answer to. What happened or is the Status of General Badjie’s appointment as Ambassador to Cuba? This question is relevant given the many Statements from the Government that later are found to be an attempt to Fool or Hoodwink the Gambian Public on matters of State. The General’s former colleagues, Chief of Police, Yankuba Sonko for about Seven years and during the time or Period Solo Sandeng and Ousainou Darbo and others were arrested and Jailed for merely Protesting, is still gainfully employed with the current Gambian Government while similar colleagues have been Selectively Purged with the active role of the Interior Minister Mai Fatty. The same Mai Fatty who employed the same tactics Jammeh and his officials employed across the board against perceived enemies of the Opposition. Sonko and Kinteh have not been subjected to the Unwanted attention of the UDP Led Government nor its Militants. They have never been arrested and if called in for questioning, it has not been Transparent and Accountable. No information about their part in the Jammeh Government is forthcoming. Nothing. When questions of Malfeasance and Dubious Selective Justice were and still raised on Yankuba Sonko and that of Masaneh Kinteh, the Recycled former CDS Masaneh Kinteh of the Gambia Military Forces under the Jammeh Government and then Posted as an Embassador to Cuba and still the CDS of the Gambia Military Forces, Silence Confronts those who ask. Only the UDP and UDP Militants attempt to justify the unsustainable arguments they put forth, that is, when they are not insulting those who dare raise questions on this Elephants in the UDP Led Government. Yankuba Sonko was insidiously redeployed by Mai Fatty his boss, to a less visible position to seal him and the government from enquiring Minds. A practice that is well known in the Gambian Politics and Administrations of “Musical Chairs”. The same cannot be done with CDS Masaneh Kinteh given the nature of his position of CDS especially. in the current situation in the Gambia. On the other hand, former CDS Badjie’s reported assignment as the replacement of Masaneh Kinteh the current CDS, as Gambia’s Ambassador to Cuba, is yet to be put into effect, if ever. He is left languishing while his colleagues such as CDS Masaneh Kinteh and Yankuba Sonko are Selectively embraced and made a part and parcel of the UDP Led Government of Adama Barrow Ousainou Darbo and the recently Defunct and some would say “Disgraced” Interior Minister, Mai Fatty. These and many Underground and under handed behavior and practices in the past and present government of the Gambia, are the Corrosive and Undermining Quicksand that all Gambians regardless of their Ethnic group and or Political Affiliation should not just be concerned about but Speak up and demand Systemic Change and Not just Cosmetic change. This kind of Cosmetic change only benefits those in Power and not the Gambian Public. Gambia is More than the Sum Total of One Individual, Ethnic Group or Region.

  11. Seedy, all stand together when we come to equal treatment of citizens regardless; some of your issues, including Bax’s question on Bargie’s diplomatic redeployment are generally among & equally of concerns of all dedicated communally; whilst the politicians & followers can wrestle & wristle in the political field for the bits that comes with mandatory responsibility entrusted publicly…
    Bargie himself could use these interviews to dilate on the issues that matter; including disclosure of issues surrounding his own redeployment; & expose information which will undoubtedly force the government’s hands; that will impact positively for progression in the fairness in judicious communal dispensation for the better as we all aspire to; rather than story telling of things that had never come to be (effect &/ happen) no positive effect on the community generally unless finger points & unnecessary instigation on the international community & ECOMIG in general; the whole Gambia will stand up with Bargie if any attempt is made by current government to silence or dare even to arrest him in the first place, out of lack of any criminal evidence for doing so…
    Whosoever might have ‘offered the money’ if at all, didn’t actually understand that Bargie can’t actually take over in reality; if any, he factually saved his own life instead; Bargie’s head would’ve been served to the kanilai evilness on a plate had he attempted; that wouldn’t have stopped the international & regional community from accomplishment of the task as have turned out to be, anyway…
    I hope the ethnic criticisms can make the government to not only aspire to judicious inclusivity but seen to be doing so too…
    The truth is that Gambia is no mandinka state but equally for all citizens & non citizens too…
    God bless the Gambia; Ameen…

  12. Rectification please – Sidi – it’s meant to read; (not Seedy) apologies for the mispelt; thank you…

  13. Lets use logic here and we will come to only one conclusion and that is the General is lying. It was this same General who told the whole World that he flipped back because it was Yahya who pays his salary. Guys does anyone believe a guy who left the President-elect without any security just so that he would not loose tens of thousand of Gambian Dalasis will reject $250 million??? Lets break things down further and ask ourselves (1) why would any European country want to spend that amount of money to get rid of Jammeh when he is already finished?? why did they not do so when Jammeh was insulting them and threatening their citizens?? We who live in the West knows that Western countries have far superior intelligence gathering mechanisms than Gambia so lets ask ourselves another question (2) would Europe not have enough intelligence on the Gambian army to know what their capabilities are? (3) why offer General Badjie $250 million when there was already a UN resolution on Gambia and ECOWAS was mobilizing forces to carry out a surgical operation to get rid of Jammeh?? Whilst General Badjie was busy running around the country going to marabouts and his demented boss was holed up in the state house, ECOWAS came in and easily extract president-elect Barrow right under their nose. Barrow was Jammeh’s only bargaining chip. ECOWAS was only pretending to negotiate with him because Barrow was still in the country. Once they got Barrow out they set the clock on him. If you noticed guys once Barrow was out their stance changed completely. Those few visits by the ECOWAS leaders was also an opportunity to gather intelligence. No Western country would offered money to get rid of Jammeh because he was insignificant when it comes to their strategic interest. Furthermore, why spend that amount when they must have had enough military intelligence to know that a coup will be messy and very most likely to fail?? If anyone had offered money to General Badjie, it would have been Yahya himself because (a) cash in a box is his modus operandi (b) it has been revealed at the commission that he was busy around that time withdrawing all the foreign currency from the Jammeh foundation account. Jammeh must have been testing him to see if he will bite and I can make an educative guess that that was the reason General Badjie did not take the so call money if it had actually happened. He must have suspected that it was a trap and he does not want to be the last meal for the crocodiles at Kanillai. By the way how did he know the amount if it was in a box? As for his appointment, that’s another matter. I am on record for saying several times that President Barrow should put all Senior Security and Civil servants on administrative leave and investigate them to determine what their involvement was in Jammeh’s crimes and anyone exonerated can be promoted or given back their job. We have seen the likes of Mam Buri Njie appearing before the commission yet he is working at the same sector that he helped Jammeh recked and I bet there are many like him.

    1. Buba I like your analyses, they are very logical.
      I maintain my Marabout General is a muslim, a christian, an atheist and a jew at the same time. LOL. He wears many hats…’deh’

    2. Buba…
      I can see the sense and logic in your arguments, and as with many things where sufficient evidence is absent, only logical deduction can provide an avenue for possible answers. I am not refuting your views by my reaction, but simply want to approach the issues you raised from a different perspective.
      Firstly, let me say that it is possible to determine, to a large extent, the truthfulness of, and sincerity in, a person’s pronouncements if we know them in person and their character. So, I will say those who know General Badjie personally, could help us to decipher this seemingly, unpridictable character to many, but for those of us who don’t know him, we can only form our views from the little glimpses we had of the man during the impasse, and for me, he comes across as a “clown”, but a very simple, humble and sincere man.
      Viewed from the perspective of a man who exhibits “clownish” behaviour, I will say that General Badjie’s statement that Jammeh pays his salary is no different from those who claim that Jammeh did xyz (like built bridges, schools, etc). This is a common expression in The Gambia where the president is synonymous with government. We just saw the nation being told that President Barrow gave vehicles to NAMS. It is wrong, but I will not hold ìt against General Badjie because he is not the only culprit. In fact, he said exactly the same thing in one of his interviews about that statement.

      1. The issue of security for the President Elect, as far as the Constitution is concerned, is non existent, because it is completely silent on the matter. The Armed Forces, and General Badjie in particular, is neither mandated/obliged to provide security to the President Elect, nor is failure to do so, a dereliction of duty on their/his part.
        It is the recognition of this lapse in our law and the dangers it poses to our National Security (should anything happen to President Elect) which prompted the Coalition Leadership to negotiate with the Police, through Mr Sallah, for security to be provided to President Elect Barrow, at least when he moved about, which was done until he left for Mali.
        We can all agree, however, that though General Badjie was not the one providing that security, as CDS, he had the power and resources to stop it, if he had any objections to it, once the Police commenced it. The fact that he didn’t suggests to me that he was in agreement, as the IGP would probably have informed him before taking that decision. Hence, any accolades given to any security chiefs for providing President Elect Barrow with security should not be denied to General Badjie.

        1. But regardless, General Badjie bears no responsibility to provide security to President-Elect because it wasn’t part of his mandated duties, as CDS or security chief. This is one area where any constitutional reforms must address.
          I think the absence of any provision in our Constitution dealing with a President-Elect, shows how the authorities (from Jawara to Jammeh ) never envisaged change of government through the ballot, especially losing to an opposition candidate.
          I have two views regarding the alleged $250m offer to remove Jammeh: one from the perspective of strategic importance & international/regional. Security and two; the security situation on the ground at the time.
          1. Strategic importance & international/regional security: I will agree that The Gambia is not of much strategic importance to many powers in many respects today, and it probably ceased to be of any geographic significance when the slave trade ended.
          However, we are one of a few stable countries in a very volatile region and very close to the “fire belt” ( the Maghreb region) of extremism, terrorism, nationalist movements and ISIS: that organisation of retarded cold blooded killers.
          For the International Community that is struggling with containing these phenomena, opening another front for these misfits to operate from, which will happen if Gambia descends into chaos, is the last thing they would want and no expense would be spared to prevent that.
          I am not saying that someone gave the General that kind of money, but it should not be entirely dismissed, given their knowledge of the grip Jammeh had on the security and the capital that may be required to turn heads. $250m is certainly the kind of money that would be regarded as enough to turn the heads of even the most loyal loyalists.

  14. Only God knows if General Badjie was offered that kind of money, but I don’t think it should be entirely dismissed as lies.
    2. The security situation on the ground at the time: I often hear it expressed that the bloodless resolution of our political impasse was down to the ECOMIG Forces: that Jammeh only decided not to use force because he knew that he couldn’t win against the more powerful ECOMIG Force. This is a distortion of the facts and a refusal to give credit to where it was due (for “obvious” reasons, which I won’t mention here).
    The ECOMIG factor was no doubt very crucial, but to hold the above view is to disregard the testimonies of key players on the ground, who told us that Jammeh had already lost control of much of the security, whose commanders had vowed to shift loyalty on 19th Jan, by the time ECOMIG even assembled. He was only playing games because he still had the State Guards and Junglers. Proof: Jammeh could not even leave State House for the Airport because he was afraid of coalition supporters and had to appeal to coalition leadership (not order Armed Forces) to clear the airport for him to be confident of leaving. Also, many youths were removing his pictures and putting up signs, without him being able to do anything about it, except send a few Junglers and loyalists to remove pro-Barrow signs (#Gambia Has Decided); the youths were also congregating in huge numbers along the roads and expressing pro-Barrow/anti-Jammeh sentiments without anything happening to them. There were no ECOMIG Forces on the ground at the time, but he couldn’t stop it.
    I think Jammeh was more than prepared to fight the ECOMIG to the death, if he had the forces. That was the reality many saw and that’s why people fled enmass across the border; that’s why foreign governments issued advices to their nationals because the intelligence they got, was that there was going to be bloodshed. That was the reality. The might of ECOMIG didn’t change Jammeh’s mind and anyone who thinks so doesn’t really know that man. He succumbed to his fate because he realised that he had lost command of the forces and they would not fight for him. That was the most likely thing that could be said to have changed Jammeh’s mind.

  15. Finally Buba, I entirely agree with you about the need to place senior officials of the past regime, both civil and military, on administrative leave until they can be individually investigated to be held responsible for, or absolved of, any wrong doings, commissions or omissions during their period in government.
    People are asking questions because this is not what has happened. We see some retained, recalled or redeployed whilst others are frozen out without the public given any reasons. I have asked the question about General Badjie’s deployment to the diplomatic mission because those assurances were given to him, and until he has been disqualified for something he had done in his previous role (CDS), I cannot see any justification for his continued snub,especially when other security chiefs are not treated the same way. What is it about General Badjie that he is being frozen out? Could it be his ethnicity? We certainly have a right to ask. (End)

    1. Jammeh is a coward and was never prepared to fight to death. He was prepared to send others on a suicide mission, to fight and die for him. Once he realized that with all the false bravado, and juju wearing, his men are a bunch of ill trained, ill equipped cowards like himself and will not fight ECOMIG forces but rather abandon mission, he knew it was time to RUN.
      CDS had the troops to defend Barrow, whom he admitted was the choice of the people. Not everything is written in the constitution, but we expect men and women in position of authority to behave in the interest of Gambia and demonstrate care as expected from a reasonable human being in exercise of duty. The same duty to protect Yahya is extended to Barrow by proxy. During his yo-yo game, it was obvious that his primary motivation was self preservation not what is in the best interest of Gambia. As much as he is a clown, he understands the game of deceit and survival and he played it like a fox. He realized that Yahya was finished but he- CDS needed to get out of the impasse alive. The only confusing aspect of the story for me is the unanswered question. Why Yahya did not arrest Barrow after the election. If Darboe was in prison and Barrow was in prison and half the population is gone what can we do but negotiate. Perhaps something or someone stopped Yahya and was powerful enough to make him stand down. We will find out the truth one day.

      1. Thank you Dr. Sarr for the fitting response to my friend Bax.
        According to our constitution “Not protecting or assisting a person or group of persons in Danger is punishable by law. That is what you call not giving assistance to person in danger.

      2. I think I know the answer to your pertinent question but for security reasons I cannot expand on the question. As you rightly said the truth will come out one day.

  16. Bax, as usual, I like our discourse because you always come up with interesting evaluation of things from a different angle. I do not think General Badjie not taking up a diplomatic role has anything to do with his ethnicity but to a mere fact that the whole thing was not thought through properly. If President Barrow had read my open letter in March and listen to my advice he would not have been in this position. He would have put a whole lot of people on administrative leave at the same time but he was listening to people who were only interested in their own self and not the nation. Am guessing he was told that if you sack all these people the civil service would be in a problem, the security services are loyal to these people and public would say you are witch hunting. I bet he was not advised on the option of administrative leave as Yahya did. In fact doing it piece meal is what looks more like witch hunting. He was offered a diplomatic job but the diplomatic corps is almost saturated and being the “clown” that he is the Government has to be careful where he is sent to. He is a tricky one because am sure Barrow would not like to send him to the big embassies for fear that he would embarrass the country and at the same time he would not be sure to send him anywhere near Jammeh for fear that Jammeh could manipulate him. I like him as a person and agree with you he appears down to earth and I do not belief he personally commit any atrocities, his crime if any we can ascribe to him would be dereliction of duties as CDC. There are a lot of dead woods working in both the civil and security services and unless they are weeded out, the nation will only crawl towards development but never walk much more run towards development.

  17. Buba & Bax, (which might be Bubacarr for both, possibly); unless in a different context, I see foreign service as deployment under the foreign ministry itself; which serving one’s community including work within Gambia, as well as overseas…
    General Bargie, is equally entitled like any Gambian for the matter; needless also to buttress the point that there are different ethnicities serving overseas too as the diverse Gambia community represents; however we all can encourage the government to listen to critiques & aspire to be seen as inclusive as much as possible…
    True, Bax, the peasantry Gambia were indeed the true heroes & heroines; only after whom; the international & regional efforts can come after…
    The people resisted the evil kanilai killerdom together all along, in our various diversity in political & social setups differently; while others were fleeing for sanctuary at the time of our impasse others flew into the Gambia to campaign for the coalition & voted in the election under the same circumstances which facilitated the freedom breakthrough…
    Security personnel weren’t lagged behind too, that’s why there were numerous ‘coup suspicions’ in both perceived & real; & the ensued bloodbath in general that engulfed both the security forces & the peasantry public under & throughout the the evil kanilai fiefdom lifespan…
    The whole of Gambia reclaimed the homeland back from decadence together; regardless of political &/ social affiliations; alongside the international & regional community assistance…
    The politicians & supporters will all play political games for domestic political dominations; to seek mandates to public offices & leaderships in general…
    I see the symbol of cooperation among the coalition parties despite their individual differences for party politics dominations; which are naturally expected as political opponents; among whom leadership aspirants can vie one another for periodic governance; under term limited governments; with the revised constitution…
    Despite the critiques of the tactical coalition in the last NAM elections, some PDOIS mps too, namely Halifa Sallah, Seedia Jatta & Swaibou Touray in particular, benefited from other coalition affiliates cooperations in soliderity from putting opposing candidates against them, for example; I for one see that as significant sign which points to the inclusiveness endeavour amongst the coalition fraternity; & not necessarily the ‘winner takes all’ as being alleged by some alternately…
    Now that we have managed to stop the hallucinating killings recklessly in cold blood; & stop the collective slippery descending of Gambia towards abysmal chaos in decadence, we can look on forward, & keep hopeful for the better together…
    The politicians can always have their wrestling for public office, while retaining our collective patience together; & only manage to climb the tree from the bottom to top; as always being the case naturally; but not just assume to develop wings, to bird-fly to the top instantly; taking off from the ground levels where we found ourselves currently…
    God bless Gambia; Ameen…

  18. I think what we honestly needed to note is that General Badgie was said to have called the president elect and congratulated him for the victory. When Jammeh took a U-turn after conceding defeat, if my memory served me right General Badgie was reported to have said that he show the issue as a disagreement between the politicians which they are to settle among themselves. He reiterated his royalty to the then Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Arm Forces [Yahya Jammeh] and the country. He maintained his royalty to Yahya Jammeh because he was still constitutionally the Head of State up until the 18th of January 2017. What most of the critics of General Badgie wanted him to do was to publicly switch allegiance to the president elect Adama Barrow well before he assume office. Now if General Badgie did as they wanted him to do with a divided army, what do we expect would happen ? Is it not likely that a fight will breakout between the forces royal to Badjie and those royal to Jammeh and the coalition and the ruling party supporters as we witnessed in Ivory Coast ?. On the other hand if he had sided with Jammeh after the expiration of his term on the 18th January he [Jammeh] would have stay put and fight with ECOMIG forces and his perceived enemies within which would have undoubtedly led to bloodshed and instability. Thus in my view General Badgie played a very crucial role in averting a blood-shed during the impasse for which we should all be grateful.
    About his claim of an over of US$250m from Foreign powers to get rid of Jammeh; well it is possible. Has Jammeh himself not made a similar move by a way of promoting a lot of soldiers during the period ?
    General Badgie should be accorded the respect he deserve and should not be treated unfairly by the Coalition Government.

    1. What people really wanted him to do foremost was to saw his allegiance to the Gambian State, the Gambian Constitution and the Gambian people. He failed woefully in all three.
      1. He deployed armed soldiers in the streets when there was no external treat. The only treat at the time was innocent Gambians with their voters cards as their weapons, not AK47s’. When an external treat against him and his boss finally arrived, he knelled down and do press-ups for them.
      2. He disrespected the army an its uniform when he put all those jujus around his neck and over his uniform, apparently, proving that he does not trust God, his body guards or anyone around him.
      3. He told the whole world that Yaya Jammeh was the one paying his Salary, not the Gambian taxpayers.
      4. He showed cowardliness and complete lack of neutrality by congratulating the President elect only to track and support an unconstitutional pronouncement made by a sitting President.

      I am sure he is learning a great lesson from the real Generlas in Zimbabwe.

      1. “Real Generals in Zimbabwe”!!! Now, that made me shake my head. 37 years of maintaining a one man show and you call them “real”. “Real Generals”, indeed.

    2. What people really wanted him to do foremost was to saw his allegiance to the Gambian State, the Gambian Constitution and the Gambian people. He failed woefully in all three.
      1. He deployed armed soldiers in the streets when there was no external treat. The only treat at the time was innocent Gambians with their voters cards as their weapons, not AK47s’. When an external treat against him and his boss finally arrived, he knelled down and do press-ups for them.
      2. He disrespected the army an its uniform when he put all those jujus around his neck and over his uniform, apparently, proving that he does not trust God, his body guards or anyone around him.
      3. He told the whole world that Yaya Jammeh was the one paying his Salary, not the Gambian taxpayers.
      4. He showed cowardliness and complete lack of neutrality by congratulating the President elect only to retrack and support an unconstitutional pronouncement made by a sitting President.

      I am sure he is learning a great lesson from the real Generlas in Zimbabwe.

  19. Dr, that evil thing called yaya Jammeh was exposed to awareness elevation to diplomatic immune facilities available when assented to the helm (head of state); which devil’s its kind in human flesh, can explore & exploit, to sadistic ends such as in its kanilai killerdom lately; yaya thought some manipulations it doctored selfishly under kanilai fiefdom ‘statutory’ version will work to advantage, as well as the hallucinating requests it put on negotiation to relocate some of the loot which were still drenched in our collective blood as a community…
    The evil kanilai devil won’t dare touch Barrow; especially under the circumstantial pressure it was placed under, from she-devil zeinab in particular, for their own survival in the names of the children, etc, & regional leaders too, Morocco, Mauritania & Conakry Guinea persistently & ECOWAS, AUSTRALIA, etc etc among all…
    Just in reminiscent to the adage that; given long rope, for a fool to hang (him) itself; evil yaya too believe it can get away like others had before…
    The Gambia must resolve our resilient & renew promises together, & always, for the better, at all times; while pursuing the evil kanilai killer extradition to face humanity crimes committed if not others…
    God bless Gambia; Ameen…

  20. Buba says, “I am on record for saying several times that President Barrow should put all Senior Security and Civil servants on administrative leave and investigate them to determine what their involvement was in Jammeh’s crimes and anyone exonerated can be promoted or given back their job. We have seen the likes of Mam Buri Njie appearing before the commission yet he is working at the same sector that he helped Jammeh recked and I bet there are many like him”. To this statement, Pa Sanjaly Bojang of Kembujeh would say, AHA KANYE BAABA.
    Bax also added, ” I can see the sense and logic in your arguments, and as with many things where sufficient evidence is absent, only logical deduction can provide an avenue for possible answers”.
    To this statement, old Andrew would add, KU DEMUL GAANAARR SAHH, HAMM NEH GUDI LANUYE REHRR. Sunu Gambia Jii, Dara Umpuh Nu Si.
    The two gentlemen, among others, are bright young men that have long deciphered Jammeh’s mindset plus that of his enablers. In fact everything that Jammeh, Bakary U KAT and his henchmen, including the buffoon Ousman Badjie, did over time represented an insult to our intelligence. Plain old simple schemes laid bare for everyone, with a thinking hat on, to unravel.
    One doesn’t have to see the inner workings of a college classroom to figure out what was going on and still going on in The Gambia. For instance, Yankuba Colley’s evil deeds were brushed aside as sycophancy but now it’s become clear, as it’s been for most members of this forum, that there’s more to the Kabuki theater than that.
    If one’s never been beyond Kombo Faraba Sutu, one does not really understand the Gambian RANG RANG/The Mechanics of Gambian Society.
    Need to hear Pa Njai Girigara’s take on this as he’s been in the thick of things from way back when.

  21. I think The Barrow led transitional government are only doing things the Gambian way. That is to redeploy rather than fire and arrest and prosecute. {notwithstanding the alleged mutinous soldiers detained for months without due consideration to The Constitution} For at the beginning there was much left over threat from loyal Jammeh enablers. Better to keep the NIA operatives in place where they and others can be easily restricted and dealt with one by one. The alternative was chaos and resistance.
    Same with high ranking soldiers, especially those with a loyal following. It will all be dealt with and at a time and place of this government’s choosing.
    Never underestimate Gambians….before Jammeh or after…they are still Gambians.
    The secrecy of who is behind this government, will continue, while others speak of a future “revolution.” But what do I know ?

  22. If this man was patriotic and in control of the army, as a CDS should do, he would not have unleashed the rouged and ill-mannered soldiers in the streets and course so much tension. Those defending him as an honest man will be surprised once the Janneh Commissions starts looking at the accounts and financial activities of GAF. The Commission is just starting and what has been revealed so far is just a tip of the ice-berg.
    I cannot even want to imagine this guy wearing those jujus around his neck and attending a function in a foreign country and other diplomats from other countries will be looking and pointing fingers at him “…… Oh, that’s Gambia’s Ambassador”. The man will then be displaying his those yellow and black teeth in the form of a disgusting smile.
    The Gambia has so many men and women with “diplomatic material” Bargie is not anywhere near them. In a professional Army, he cannot even get close to the rank of a Sergeant.

  23. Based on the stupid U-turn decision in announcing two different results by the COWARD IDIOT STUPID Momar Njie, of the IEC, President Jammeh had the right to a U-turn decision , thus the U-turn of General Badjie.
    The only regret and anger I hold for Badjie is his refusal to engage the invading Senegalese forces who deliberately invaded our country while negotiations were still going on for President Jammeh to step down. A flagrant disrepect for our sovereignty with the consent of our unpatriotic nonentities; Mai fatty, Ousainou Darboe and the sellout illiterate man in presidential attire, Barrow.
    That’s the only cowardly decision Badjie made.

  24. Bajaw,
    You must be out of touch with realities. President Jammeh left the Gambia 10 months ago yet your fat-bellied nonentity president didn’t have the guts to move to the state house in Banjul, for the fear of President Jammeh’s ghost image in the presidential palace. What a coward, a nonentity, a fetish believer!
    Face to face with President Jammeh, I can’t imagine how this coward will shiver to his bones

  25. We know who the damn coward is/was. He is the monster in white gown with swords in one hand and the holy Quran in the other who talked the talked but afraid to walk the walk. His cowardice in not confronting the might of the ecomig soldiers is a clear manifestation of an empty barrel making the most noise. Cowards are those who hurriedly flee their homeland with their tails between their legs into exile instead of stand and fight to the last man or the last bullet. We also know those cowards who are sheikh by day and idol worshipers by night, statesmen by day and Robin Hood by night, holy men by day and evil killers by night. We also know those cowards who portrayed themselves as righteous individuals while daily praise singing evil monsters, classified all as corrupt but extol the virtues of the most corrupt, classified all as inept but is himself part of an inept group hate mongers.

  26. Cowards are those who still live at Fajara, ran away from a single man to hide in Mali and later evade coming to the Gambia to be sworn in. That ragtag fat-bellied coward who had to hide like a toddler behinh his benefactor neocolonialist Senegalese leader couldn’t confront a single man who held the state house for days . He left only at the persuasive arguments of the Guinean and Mauritanian leaders. Otherwise with his ECOMIG worn-out forces he would have been sent to eat the DOMODA in his hometown.
    Foolish and idiotic are those who remain to blindly follow a nonentity, a corrupt and inefficient tribalist .

    1. Babu Soli be reminded of the phrase “quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius”. Please go see a Shrink, or perhaps the dye has been cast.”Alea iacta est “. Allah help you.

    2. Babu,
      ‘The single man’!, and the cowards …. This is your democratic tune, isn’t it? What the hell makes a president of a country a ‘single man’ against the citizenry in the first place? Does ‘single man’ implies he was not actually married to Zeina but to soldiers in reality? God of his mercy.
      Pan-African gone wild in thatched kilt, spear and hide-shield and immortal warriors’ jujus. He is the one brave man can slay all lives in his footpath. Prof….., please get us primitive culinary skills and get your head stuck out of primitive savagery; Momah Yumbeh Momah Yumbeh Huh Huh Huh Eeeee Hehe!

  27. Babu, I’m afraid, none other than yaya devil Jammeh is the coward by all indication all along as proven…
    Yaya had the state weaponry & the armoury under its control all along from July 94; it hatched secret smuggling of arms & ammunition over the years under kanilai family farm building materials schemes & others, to supply both the syndola militia & mfdc Cassamace factions & beyond to Guinea Bissau & subregion; while our state security services were infiltrated at all levels by mfdc elements & criminals; some of whom were engaged in wars & butchery in our subregion before; Babu, why are landmines killing innocent people in Foni & who is responsible for the killings…?
    When the evil yaya devil was holed in a state house by time of the impasse, it had control of the armoury, even the opinionated GNA soldiers were disarmed & placed under suspicion at the time…
    The devil-yaya dispatched arms & ammunition to kanilai killerdom militia & elements within mfdc Cassamace & others; & would’ve indeed killed the defenceless peasantry masses in cold blood, as have been the case all along…
    Only for the kanilai brave-coward evilness (if word would coin) to curl its stinky raping-tail to negotiate; & doing a runner when ECOMIG shown up; taking to its chicken hills, ‘king, king, king’…..breathless; all the way into hiding on the equator; do you really call this ‘bravery’ of any sort…?
    Why can’t veteran Bargie rather be of help if any, with some knowledge & intelligence to recover some of the weaponry stashed out there & remains threat until recovered; instead of the ‘kebehtu yee’ & ‘Aeggugu’ ‘gumbay’ dancing about an ‘offer’ on a task which he wasn’t up to scratch for…?
    While the evil yaya Dracula despite wetting itself on it tail between legs when fleeing, it still tried grabbing some of the dirty loot still drenching in our community blood…
    Only to vanish into hiding while WhatsApping to instigate the remnants disciples on the ground to engage with the very forces with their bare hands on the kanilai unrest & other efforts; when & where the evil ‘brave’ devil itself ran away without a shot being fired with all the weaponry & the mercenaries under its control at the time…
    Gambians will not shirk responsibility; to ensure to prosecution on the kanilai fiefdom humanity crimes committed; no matter how long it takes…
    God bless Gambia; Ameen…

  28. Well done guys, every one spoke about your opinion. I like General badjie as a person, but in the line of military professional, I will not offer him as a General. He may be good in some various fields in the army but being a general is something don’t suit him, that is the honest thing I can tell.

  29. Jack, Dr Isatou Sarr, Bajaw,
    Those who take the affirm in their neocolonial brains, the incursions/invasions of Senegal into our sovereignty as a right to quell whatever Gambian-borne problem there might be are SELL-OUTS!
    You bunch of sell-outs, unpatriotic elements, pseudo-knowledgeables and neocolonialist reactionaries.
    This is the third time Senegal has invaded the Gambia. Well before the Kukoi Samba Sanyang rebellion, the Senegalese invaded our country in 1979 through our northern border in Baddibu and occupied and pillaged some villages in those surroundings. Ex-President Jawara visited the villages, was very annoyed at that irresponsible behaviour and promised to raise the matter at the regional council level. In 1981, at the invitation of the same Ex-President Jawara; with the assistance of Ex-President Diouf, BB Darboe and OJ; Senegal re-invaded our country, our sovereignty; when we were broiled in a purely national matter. Again in 2017, Senegal under the false pretext of the ECOMIG forces repeated their dire aspiration to HANDLE matters in a sovereign Gambia. Aren’t we capable of settling and re-settling our house/home/compound affairs in our Gambian way? Which country border country has Senegal ever invaded? Their nationals were bludgeoned and mutilated to death by the Mauritanians and NOTHING absolutely came out of it. Their ill-equiped forces were ran through by the Guinea-Bissau forces during the Ansumana Manneh insurrection and nothing came out of it as well. Is it only the Gambia with her ill-gotten leaders(except Jammeh, Babili Mansa) that Senegal will always have the desire for incursion even though a single Senegalese national has never been cursed, neitherr beaten nor killed by a Gambian?
    You bunch of neocolonialist sell-outs would always call the outside world to solve all that is Gambian.
    Perhaps we have leaders, have had/still has leaders(except President Jammeh) who never had/will never have the guts above their pants to resolve our matters without Senegalese intervention. And of course, assisted and abated by neocolonialist sell-outs like “dr” Istaouu Sarr, Bajaw, that damned Jack the Jackass and those reactionary unpatriotic Gambian elements who stoop before foreigners, especially Senegal for all their Gambian resolutions.
    It’s not a matter of going to school, reading from the literatures; it’s a matter of conscientious ideology from a meaningful patriotic point of view to look at Gambian problems, the Gambian way.
    Look at how this IDIOTIC administration at Fajara has opened the borders of our country for all Senegalese thugs and criminals. Look at how this IDIOTIC administration is wasting our resources on the Senegalese ECOMIG forces when our poor masses are still struggling to make ends meet. And yet there are “knowledgeable” on-line contributors who would yell at every opposition to the INEPT, CORRUPT, TRIBALIST; INEFFICIENT; INFLUENCE-PEDDLING AND NEOCOLNIALIST administration without a “head”
    However, I am happy to learn that many more patriotic, energetic, dedicated Gambian citizens are coming up soon with meaningful opposition groupings to throw these USELESS administration out!
    With the APRC and GDC right on their tails, I wish the upcoming groupings, all the best in their endeavours to redeem us from a dysfunctional and VERY BAD administration.

    1. Babu,
      You, Kukoi and Jammeh could all have been cultivated by Senegal to be bullying or in other words, tampering with The Gambia’s sovereignty from way back. I can bet on that, Jammeh’s calling Senegalese presidents: ‘Suma Magh’ with a double agent’s smile and Kukoi’s easy escape from his bloody atrocities through Senegal and then back to Libya, his safe haven according to reliable sources, were all great proofs of Gambia’s nationhood been and perhaps still being compromised in what I would dub a high profile bilateral conspiracy.
      Look at your lousy writings in contrast to others’ and be frank to yourself and tell me whose has the garb of pseudo-knowledge. Any time I see a comment from you, I would say to me; there comes the rumbling empty barrel.

  30. Babu, the ‘patriotic energetic dedicated citizens’ efforts in civil groups are always magnanimous & better options than forceful unpatriotic usurpation & illegal illegitimate hijack of political power; & taking the peasantry population hostage; in selfish adventures mirred in perpetual bloodshed unheard of…
    For, ‘kufing Samba saytan’ it’s few days of reckless & irresponsible unGambian barbarities & murder of a magnitude; while it’s long 22+years of catastrophic mayhem under the kanilai evilness killerdom & devilish devour of the very community fabrics, spreading into all & every stara which holds Gambian societal community together…
    In truth; one can only belong to either the evil kanilai idol worshipping devil’s camp or God Almighty & humanity in general…
    I’m obliged to recognise that we all have our own rights to choice between the two only alternatives options available…
    And no matter which either choice one makes between the two, we all know which option triumph in the end no matter how long it takes; as have already been proven in both the events that came to pass above…
    God bless Gambia; Ameen…

  31. Babu Soli
    Gambia: Presidential Top Secret Dossier: Barrow Sends His Kids To America To Attend School

    Is Adou Boy following the footsteps of the former dictator Yahya Jammeh? Guess what happened? Adou Boy has sent his son Baba Barrow to the United States to attend high school, according to Foreign Ministry sources in…

    Is Adou Boy following the footsteps of the former dictator Yahya Jammeh? Guess what happened? Adou Boy has sent his son Baba Barrow to the United States to attend high school, according to Foreign Ministry sources in Banjul. Baba has been in the US for a while now. The same sources also said Barrow traveled with his late sister’s sons to America, during the past UN Summit. The two boys never returned home. They are also here attending school.
    President’s brother Bulli Barrow allocated with a Pajero and guards
    Leaks from Fajara also said the president’s brother Bulli Barrow has been allocated a Pajero and guards. Bulli is a perfect gentleman. This was the guy Seedy Ceesay interviewed during his visit to Barrow’s home village Mangkamang-kunda. Bulli is now walking around town with guards.
    Barrow donates D10,000-dalasi to Gambian mosques
    Each time president Barrow prays in any of the mosques in the Greater Banjul area, he would donate D10, 000 dalasis to the mosque’s Imam. He usually places the money underneath the Imam’s praying mat.
    “This president is stingy when it comes to money. What’s D10,000 dalasis after all? D10,000 dalasis cannot repair this mosque. I want to believe that Barrow is not charitable. Yahya Jammeh is more charitable than this new president,” said one of the Imams.
    According to some of the Imams interviewed by the Freedom Newspaper, NAWEC will ensure that there is an uninterrupted electricity supply during Barrow’s prayer sessions at their mosques.
    President Mum wants to travel to France for treatment
    The president’s mum wants to travel to France for medical consultation, but the president is not keen at entertaining the request at this time. In the meantime, she is seeing doctors in Banjul. For some reasons, the president is bit reluctant in entertaining the request; for reasons best known to him.
    Ambassador at large Fatou Ceesay
    Fatou Ceesay is president Barrow’s Ambassador at large. She has been allocated with one of the vehicles belonging to the exiled dictator Yahya Jammeh. She used to live in the UK, but she is now back in the Gambia. She works at the State House in Fajara.
    She recently travelled to Saudi Arabia with president Barrow. Barrow and his delegation returned home, and left her behind. She represents the president and the country. She was overseeing a deal in Dubai; hence which led to the delegation leaving her behind.
    Sources in the grapevine have it that she donated $150,000 dollars to the president’s campaign in the past elections. She is involved in forex business in the UK. She was compensated in return by the president, who appointed her as an Ambassador at large.
    First Lady Fatoumatta Bah
    The First Lady Fatoumatta Bah is building two houses in the Tanji area, according to her office staff. She also recently appointed a Belgian national to serve as an Ambassador to promote her cause. The said Belgian national was involved in facilitating Halifa Sallah’s visit to Belgium. The First Lady’s office staff will keep us posted with developments.
    KMC Mayoral elections
    President Barrow wants Papa Njie to run under a UDP ticket, but the UDP camp are not down with Papa Njie’s candidature. They said Papa Njie is not a registered member of the UDP. But Papa Njie has the backing of the Sarahule community. There is an apparent infighting going on right now. But Barrow is not in charge. He has no influence over the selection process.
    The party is divided over the issue. The son of Amie Bensouda seems to be the favorite UDP candidate for now. A primary will decide who will be on the UDP’s ticket.
    Darboe’s DC Meeting Was A Failure
    Ousainou Darboe presided over a poorly attended meeting in DC this past weekend. It appears that his family formed the majority of the attendees at the meeting. The people of DC did not show up. This was evident on the empty seats at hall.
    The DC meeting will send a strong message to Banjul that the diaspora will no longer be used as political base for exploitation. Mr. Darboe came to the meeting with his Embassy staff and family. The remaining attendees were few. His supporters were missing at the meeting.
    ” I laughed my ass off when I saw the poor turnout. The people of DC have done it. Ousainou Darboe thinks that he is smart. He hijacked the coalition government; appointed his people; and he turns around to reach out to the diaspora,” said a diasporan activist.
    Views: 416

    1. Babu Soli
      You are the most inconsistent contributor on this forum. On the hand, you have no criticism against Yaya Jammeh and what he’s done throughout his rule, whilst on the other hand, you criticise everything Adama Barrow does, even if he has copied Yaya Jammeh exactly.
      For example, you seem to be objecting to Barrow sending his son to school in US, but Jammeh did not only send his daughter (Mariam) to school in US, he bought a $3M Potomac Mansion for his family.
      I’m not endorsing Barrow’s actions (if true), but just exposing your inconsistencies. So, Barrow’s wife building two houses attracts your criticism, but how many high value properties has Zeinab got? Are you going to criticise Yaya Jammeh for all the properties and businesses his wife has after marrying him?
      Honestly Babu, you sound like a joke yourself; just like Jammeh.

    2. Wow! Wow! Wow!
      Some of our mad brothers, the so called profs are at it again, scavenging for more unverified news just to soil the name, reputation of our fellow country men. What an irony? and this ”thing” is a die hard supporter of the Kanilai monster. Maximum respect to brethren Jack, Bajaw and Bax for countering the empty rhetoric full of lies and vilification from the darkest of mind. This old skool disgraceful idiot who is bereft of ideas or common sense but ravaged by hateful vengeance against our citizenry for their bravery in ousting an evil tyrant from power, hence ushered in freedom not witnessed in our homeland during the previous 22 long years. As we chased out the evil tyrant coward from our country without a single bullet being fired so shall we defeat those insidious lying hateful profs with our collective ideas and our love for country and its people. Truth shall always prevail over falsehood just as goodness will always triumph over evil.

  32. Bajaw,
    So the Lt.Lamin Sanneh, Dodou Njie December 30th 2014 invasion to overthrow President Jammeh was treasonable, wasn’t it?

  33. Jack, the Jackas,
    The weak unpatriotic sellout! President Jammeh NEVER compromised our sovereignty as your inefficient president is doing today. He played diplomacy as in all diplomatic circles never to offend first. Calling the Senegalese presidents SUMA MAGHI was called for as they were all elderly than him. It was a civic respect in our traditional way. But when he observed their,(Wade, Macky Sall) egocentric motives, he stood the firm ground to alienate/snub them in the unwavering interest of our country
    You uncouthed fellow, who is not accustomed with our traditional values!
    The USA trades, dines and socializes with China, the world’s most undemocratic country where human rights are absent in all forms. What assessment would you do to that”hypocritical” diplomacy taking into account The US’s vilification of other countries(e.g North Korea)?
    You are far out of touch with world events.

  34. Jack, the Jackass,
    LOUSY writing! Is that how you assess my postings? Come on, toddler. I’m interest in communicating. It’s sad that I’m not doing it in Manswanko(my language), or in Wollof, Mandinka, Fula, Sarahule; Gambian languages I dominate or in Jola, Manjago, Balanta, Serere, Bainunka, Karoninka other languages of my home, but in English, a foreign-strange-imposed language that YOU DON’T WRITE PROPERLY YOURSELF.
    How many grammatical, structural, lexical, orthographic and semantic errors do you make? I’m not interested in correcting you in a language which is foreign to me and I presume to you as well.
    Try to conform to my lousy writing, which I’m happy to say, you read with attention and respond to in earnest. Never engage me in the English language again. I might be obliged to correct your heinous errors!

  35. Babu absolutely not; Dec 30/2014 was martyr effort against an illegal illegitimate kanilai evildom tyranny; which itself initially overthrown a legitimate government of the people forcefully; & took the innocent public hostage literally; engaging in unGambian & unhuman barbarities unheard of which never happened at anytime before; surely, any efforts to salvage the motherland from the sadistic reckless murders, rape, maim & devour, were ‘Godly’ in all senses; no matter even if it ended tragic like in their case & many more before them…
    That’s what real bravery is all about; sacrifice for rest of human sacrosanctity; not curling one’s raping-tail between two legs & fleeing away for own dear life; as we have witnessed in both Kufing devil in 1981 & mad kanilai Dracula Tony in 2017; how can your coward idols be more entitled to the same life & living in itself; when they deliberately maimed, raped & killed; denying other innocent people who are equally entitled to their rights to their own lives in the first place…?
    Yes indeed; while, these kanilai lucifer elements who are posing in GNA uniform; accused of endangering in engaging in treasonous subversion are legally according to the statutory laws of the homeland (Gambia), who employs & pay these ‘double-agents’ their living & whom themselves pledged their unconditional allegiance to serve the same (community) employer without ill-will; for the relevant public safeguard of all human beings; including themselves & their own families too; & in extension to the subregion, continental & the world at large as global village…
    For the rest of your notification about your being a grapevine-employee & dissemination of the sensation; we can all share with you the Rajo Kankang, kibari siyajawtah……..
    I wonder if you ‘graduated’ together with the sheikh professor from the very same kanilai devildom tertiary institute, if at all…?

  36. Bajaw, folks like Babou Soli and his Ilk are what in Manding is labeled a CHAFU SEESAAY BUKA SILO KENYAA LONG ……. you get what follows. I am not exactly sure why, after everything that we now know, Babou Soli would go to bat for an evil being like Yaya Jammeh.
    An old friend from Kombo Lamin said, AYEH KESO KUPI, A WUDAYE TA A TAATA Speaking of none other than Yaya Jammeh.

  37. Sure, Andrew; your friend is right; Babu, isn’t surprising to one like me though; as Hitler too had accomplices & still held a cult hero by the neo-Nazis…
    Babu Soli too, is a kanilai devildom disciple; just like the devilish elements currently being tried in the martial court for treasonous engagements…

  38. Bajaw,
    I’m happy that you understand that we should each anchor our political differences whatever school of thought.
    Single out Babu Soli and remember that President Jammeh has the largest single support. Remember the over 230,000 Gambians that voted for him and are still willing to repeat their allegiance inspite of all the LIES on line, radios and TV, his APRC still on the rise……..
    A DEVIL to you, a HEROE to others.
    The devilish elements were those who wanted to usurp power on 30th November 2014! The ones being arraigned at the illegal martial courts are being encarcerated for being Jolas. TRIBALISM on the RISE. PERIOD

  39. Babu, once again we agree that diversity is word; & only key to sustainable coexistence as a nation community…
    While you can accuse the government for ‘bloated’ employment, there are no ghost employees you can point to in evidence contrary to the kanilai ali baba killerdom…
    Ask that evil devil yaya thing cowardly in hiding on the equator, to come back; with guarantee to its own rights like everyone else (because it is in human shape & flesh like human being, while it is a devil Ibliza Incarnation) to prove to the claim that your murderous evildom commands any significant following on the ground without any abusive coercion & harassment & sham kangaroo election showpieces which were the case…
    Treason is against a (whole) commity state, NOT against devilish individualism; the Dec 30 martyrs acted to salvage the peasantry nation from the demonic hostage situation since July 94 & our only ransom to pay were with everything that was available for the kanilai evildom scavenger including our very own life’s too…
    Mark you, Babu; unless we pay lipservices fool none but oneself only, the believer WILL be get accountable sooner or later…
    The journey is prepared by wilful individual deliberation while here on earth; a reminder just for myself & you, Babu….
    God bless Gambia; & us all individually; Ameen….

  40. Bajaw,
    You refer to the December 30th 2014 TERRORISTS as matyrs. Are you kidding? Who were they redeeming, not the Gambian population against President Jammeh who was then enjoying 76% support from the electorate with tangible and sustainable development projects off ground. They were egocentric terrorists who will meet the Divine judgement for taking into their stupid heads what was not ordained by Allah The Almight (SWT).

  41. Babu, you can call them whatsoever names you choose, that changes nothing factually, as to what already obtained under the evil kanilai Murderdom; the evidence are here & self-revealing, “proven in material as already on records; with yet numerous more to be made public…

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