An increasing number of Gambians risking their lives

(JollofNews) – Gambia’s Presidency on Thursday announced that the International Organsisation for Migration (IOM) has received funding from the European Union (EU), amounting to €3.9M. This disbursement is expected to increase access to opportunities for migrant returnees who voluntarily decided to put an end to their attempt to reach the European citadel.

“The IOM works with the Ministry of Interior, through a technical working group, to implement the project,” the Presidency spokesperson Amie Bojang-Sissoho told reporters during a presser held at State House in Fajara, some 9 km away from Banjul.

Up to 1,300 kidnapped Gambian migrants returned from Libya’s factionalized war zone areas. This prompted President Adama Barrow government to announce major initiatives geared towards mitigating the
vulnerability of Gambian returnees.

Amie Bojang-Sissoho said the Gambian leader has already been updated on the implementation of the projects as the reintegration of returnees tops the priorities of the Coalition government. The project,  she added, target the youths and  migrant returnees.

She further disclosed that government and its partners are working on a National Migrants Policy with a view to strenghten returnees management and respond to their immediate needs.

Meanwhile, members of the batch of returnees that arrived in September this year have unanimously added their voice to the calls directed towards some young Gambians who are still eager to chase their dreams in Europe.

“The truth is the ‘back way’ is no more a viable option,” Ousman Njie told JollofNews.

Njie said they embarked into the journey at the risk of losing their life. “We survived Libyan prisons, and it was certain that we would make it,” he said.

Modoulamin Bobb, one of the returnees who spoke to Jollofnews,  said they are now pushing for their newly formed association registered.

“I won’t advise anybody to embark on this dangerous journey,”he  said. Libya, he said , is far being from a safe place.