Sanna Badjie

(JollofNews) – The trajectory of African politics clearly shows that the failure of states to provide basic social provisions such as health care, and transport infrastructure let to the loss of legitimacy of political executives who finally succumbed to the will of their people.

This is because basic needs are great expectation of citizens from any political party that wins governmental power.

This clearly indicated in Alex Thomson’s book, An introduction to the study of African politics published in 2010. The United MMD in Zambia for example defeated Kaunda, the Alliance pour la Democratic Au Mali helped oust Traore, and Alliance for Democracy in Malawi saw Banda oust Thomson in 2010.

The Coalition in the Gambia oust Jammeh to end his self-perpetuation, but who tell you that Barrow cannot be ousted like mentioned personal and self-perpetuating rulers if he fails to provide Gambian the basic social provisions? Muhammed Morsi of Egypt was democratically elected, but was forced out from the palace when he fails to properly represent the will of his people. So, there is a possibility for Barrow to leave the state house if he fails to address the basic needs of Gambians.

No explanation can be entertained for the disastrous power and water supply by the state because the effects are so severe and unacceptable. However, the massive attendees in a political rally organised by Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) on Saturday 28th October 2017, shows how discontented Gambians are with the current governance due to serious shortage of power and water supply.

Other attendees of the rally were just frustrated citizen by the current failures of power and water supply. This may lead to total disassociation of citizens from states activities if immediate measures are not quickly taken by government to meet the basic demands of the citizens.

It can be deduction in salaries of the political executives starting from President Barrow, reduction in foreign travels, seeking assistance from friends of the Gambia to gather money and come to the rescue of Nawec for better power and water supply.

A national fora can also be organised where franks problem of the government with regards to power and water can be highlighted and possibly open an account for donation by citizen at any amount to immediately solve this issue because every sector of the economic can be severely affected and people can go out of patience at any time.

As Thomson 2010 advised, political leader should always heed Afrifa Gitong’s advice that “democracy is founded on full bellies and peaceful minds. It does not make sense when the tough is given freedom whiles the mind’s freedom is not given.”

Gambians ousted Jammeh because they show the Coalition government’s policies and programmes as an alternative to Jammeh brutal rule and self-serving policies even though he registered tremendous achievements in the area of health, education and infrastructure to an extent.

We must do enough to transform our political culture of bickering and underdevelopment to that of development.

By Sanna Badjie