Alagi Yorro Jallow

Bravado has no place in politics. Politics is the playground for suave Politicians”.

Leaders must always learn from failure. Our President, being a “benevolent” man rarely makes his inner circle accountable for their actions or advice.

The President has never fired any of his advisors or members of his inner circle for giving him bad advice since he assumed the Presidency.

Once the President was sold to the idea of this shameful, contentious and questionable gifts, from a faceless person who is afraid of transparency and accountability, nobody in the inner circle had a second look at the pros and cons of receiving and giving gift cars to our Parliamentarians by a mysterious philanthropist.

Once the decision was made, about this unethical behavior was turned into a “Adama Barrow” project. The President’s press secretary made the announcement and everybody jumped onto the band wagon including clueless zealots with zilch experience in politics. I did not hear any objective voice from government, indicating the difficulty and the magnitude of the task ahead and how they are working to overcome those odds. What we all heard was bravado by blind supporters or loyalist.

It is no secret that many “advisors” who have surrounded Gambian Presidents, past and present are suck-ups. That is the truth. Suck ups are not only found in the public space, they are very much alive in the corporate world as well.

It’s perfectly natural to want to be with people who agree, support and praise you all the time. Let’s face it — it’s comforting to have people who are always in our corner, no matter what the issue or circumstance. Suck-ups make us feel like we’re curled up with a warm blanket. Everything is okay, even cozy. We feel safe with them. We trust them.
In the Gambia, the Presidency seems to punish people – overtly or subtly – for speaking up to power and telling it things it doesn’t want to hear.

President Adama Barrow

The Gambian Presidency seem to seek out people who affirm the institution’s decisions and actions. That is why we have had a string of bad advisors or “loyalists” in every Presidency – from the days of Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, Yahya Jammeh and now Adama Barrow. I bet President Barrow has his bunch of bad advisors in the name of “President Barrow team loyalists.”

Most loyalists usually operate in the bubble of a closet mind. Independent, but trustworthy advisors are usually locked out of the door once one ascends to power. Most independent minded advisors do not last at State House.

The fact that nobody in the inner sanctum of Presidential advisors has lost his political appointment or been reshuffled so far is baffling. It is unimaginable that the President is bearing this humiliation alone and yet those defending the donation of cars to our Parliamentarians was probably a project of a few people around the President.

He (the President) simply believed that it was a noble cause, and ran away with it. Or, he simply doesn’t want to hear the truth, so he rewards the peddlers of feel-good information and punishes the purveyors of truth.

President Adama Barrow inner sanctum is full of zealots, sycophants, instigators, agitators and smart sounding people without experience. These people make for terribly poor advisors.