Lamin Waa Juwara

(JollofNews) – The leader of the Gambia’s National Democratic Action Movement (NDAM) has thrown punches at the country’s former long-term ruler accusing him of governing the country in the crudest form.

Lamin Waa Juwara, a former critic of ex-President Jammeh who later served as commissioner and minister for Local Government and Lands in the government of Mr Jammeh before he was sacked and later jailed for abuse of office, said his former boss had subjected Gambians to all sorts of treatment to ensure that they all dance to his tune.

Speaking to JollofNews’s Amadou Jallow at his Brikama residence on Saturday, Mr Jawara said: “During Jammeh’s regime, people were killed including students. There were also other disappearances that cannot be still accounted for.

“Jammeh was doing whatever he likes to Gambians and this went for too long to a point where people could no longer survive under his dictatorship.”

He added: “The charges that was placed on me [negligence of official duties] were just a mere fabrication to put me in trouble. You see, when Jammeh started to ruthlessly weed out people, including his own supporters, people were left with no option but to stand for change. Jammeh’s rule has even gotten to a point where everybody was sceptical and under fear.”

The former governor said, he had never believed that Jammeh has ever won an election in the country. He argued that if Jammeh had won the last December election, it would have been the end of the peaceful nature of Gambians.

He accused Jammeh of presiding over a tribalist regime that brought “without doubt” Jolas from Cassamance in every sector of state function, particularly in the security. He added that if the Cassamance region had never existed, Jammeh’s rule of the Gambia would have been impossible.

He said he believed that the Senegalese leadership come to realise that factor and believes that the Gambia, under Mr Jammeh posed a threat to their security.

Ironically though, when Juwara was serving as commissioner and minister in the Jammeh regime, he turned a blinder to the alleged wrong doings of the regime and accused the opposition and critics of opportunism.

He once described Jammeh as a true patriot who had ushered the Gambia into an era of development, unity and prosperity.