Njundu Drammeh

(JollofNews) – ‘Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.’ Machiavelli

And the master-student of Machiavelli, grand schemer Yaya Jammeh, knew these men among us and used them to accomplish his grand scheme- imposing his might through tyranny and milking the national treasury through men without conviction and scruples.

These men, interestingly, had no immediate needs, that lowest base in Maslow’s hierarchy. They were intellectuals, professionals, seasoned civil servants, accomplished entrepreneurs, venerable religious leaders, models for the young.

They were men and women who had tasted at first hand Yaya’ s public humiliation, rejection, torture, dismissal and imprisonment or had close relatives or friends who suffered this fate or knew about them even on the newspapers. Some of them were bitten and beaten twice or more. And yet they went to bed with the rapist.

They colluded in the rape of the treasury. They enforced illegal orders. They reported colleagues to remain “good” in the eyes of Yaya. They manipulated Yaya because they had his ears. They name dropped, were overbearing and used their powers to also humiliate, harass and dismiss others. Like Yaya. But we can exonerate these men and paint Yaya in the darkest dye. No way. They are as double faced and without values as Yaya. They are condemnable too.

Ultimately, any one who stayed with Yaya for a period, in the corridors of his power or the higher echelon of his administration, shared his values and beliefs or upped his agenda. Men and women of conviction, men and women without prices left him at their own peril but with their heads held high.

One cannot be a “good” person in his or her private life and dine with the devil in public. Behold a hypocrite then. See insincerity personified. Such a person must never be trusted. Such a person lacks congruence, consistency, integrity and character. His or her life is a facade. Interest, not conviction, guides him or her.

Yaya and his accomplices are much of a muchness. If Yaya is evil, and he was without a scintilla of doubt, then his paws, aiders and abetters are too. Forget the degree, extent or period. Evil is evil.

We should just stop finding excuses for people. We should hold each other accountable. We should insist each takes responsibility for their deeds and misdeeds. Evil thrives because people look the other way.