Alagi Yorro Jallow

(JollofNews) – The world is watching East Africa re-define the three arms of government for the twenty-first century. For better or for worse. (So, no I am not saying they are doing this perfectly, but they are catalyzing important conversations as to the responsibilities of those who hold the top positions in these institutions.

They have raised citizen levels of expectations about what it means to be a public servant holding these positions. They are taking seriously that those privileged to serve in these positions must be accountable to the people. And they are so less forgiving of those who do not live up the promises they made when they applied to serve them by election or appointment, insisting they must uphold the oaths they have sworn and the constitutions that they promised to abide by.)
Tanzania – the presidency
Kenya – the judiciary
.. And now Uganda – the legislature.

President John Mafafuli

Tanzanian –  President:

Tanzania’s ‘Bulldozer’ John Magufuli, as president two years ago has turned this East African country upside down. He has set out to vigorously clean up corruption and laziness, both in government and the private sphere, and the effects in terms of efficiency and lower costs are already making a difference. This aspect, added to the country’s healthy growth rate and the prospect of a gas bonanza, goes into making Tanzania Africa’s current rising star.


Kenyan – Judiciary:

Kenya’s supreme court judge chief justice David Maraga (C) stands before delivering the ruling in which the court nullified last month’s presidential election result © Reuters

No Court in the whole world has ever invalidated the re-election of an incumbent President. On that basis and standard, Chief Justice David Kenani Maraga has set a jurisprudential standard for Africa and the whole world. The Supreme Court of Kenya by their ruling in the NASA Vs. IEBC/Uhuru Petition, has set such a high jurisprudential standard that the whole world, especially Africa, has to play catch up.

The Justice Maraga ruling has proved that African Judicial systems do not have to fear the power of incumbent dictatorships to intimidate courts of law to make judgements favorable to corrupt and impunitous presidents who (mis)use public resources and state instruments of terror to subvert the Sovereign Authority of the people.

In the fullness of time the whole world, and African Judicial systems in particular, will forever be grateful to Kenya’s Supreme Court and CJ Maraga for having the courage to challenge the powers of incumbency and corrupt dictatorships.

By SCOK’s courageous ruling will forever be a standard that the world will emulate and students of law will study for ages to come. Thank you CJ Maraga for choosing to uphold the rule of law and constitutionalism. God will forever bless you for teaching the world that it’s possible to stand for justice against the lords of impunity and corruption

Ugandan- Legislature:

Twenty- five Members of Ugandan Parliament who rejected a motion on removal of age limits in Uganda have been suspended from parliament and forcefully evicted by stick-wielding military men backing President Yoweri Museveni. The Parliament degenerated into chaos when opposition members declined to take their seats, resulting into fist fights between MPs. They were claimed that a colleague had accessed the chambers with a gun putting the safety of other legislators at risk.

Parliament has allowed the presentation of a motion for the amendment of Article 102 (b) the constitution that pave way for the removal of the presidential age limit currently capped at 75 years after a bitter fight by parliamentarian. Parliament also accepted three of the seven notices for motions issued by private members motions include, the constitutional amendment to scrap the presidential age limit, a motion providing for transition and one seeking for a Constitutional Review Commission.

Finally, parliament rejected the motion for a bill titled the Museveni Succession, Transition and Immunities 2017″ which, according to him, was to provide a soft landing for President Yoweri Museveni upon retirement and another by Manjiya county Member of Parliament John Baptist Nambetsye proposing that MP’s appointed to cabinet must resign their parliamentary seats.

Also rejected was a notice for a motion seeking to remove all academic qualifications for political offices by Kasambya county MP Mbwatekamwa Gaffa and a motion for a bill to discuss the return of the Federal system of government filed by Mukono South MP Johnson Mayanja Shenyang. The speaker said the motions were not competently filed.

However, the decision by the speaker was challenged by the leader of Opposition saying that it was not procedurally right for the house to be ambushed with the controversial motion.
The baton has been handed over to West Africa. Run your lap with honor.