(JollofNews) – The stark realities of an imagined better life in Europe by “Going the back way,” were on Thursday brought to the Gambia by Deutsche Welle  (DW) and their local partner, Paradise FM.

At a public debate at Gambia’s only University Law Faculty dubbed “The Migration Dilemma.”

Hundreds of young Gambians are participating in the debate, asking questions and searching for answers on the escalating rate of migration.

Migration through the high seas has now taken a new trend with the influx of thousands of people joining the move from war-torn countries like Syria.

2015 was considered to be the worst migrant crisis since World War 2. Over 1, 060,551 migrants are said to have reached Europe’s shores via land and sea, according to an International Organisation for Migration (IOM) December 2015 report with Italy, Greece, Malta, Spain, Hungary and Cyprus as the entry points.

Another IOM report indicates that in 2016, almost 12,000 Gambians landed on the shores of Italy and Greece.

The small West African nation’s communities have been emptied of their young men and women.

During the discussion, young people demand that the government provide them opportunities that will encourage them to stay and work in the country.

“Unfortunately, the authorities who should be around to listen to our problems has failed to be here,” said one of the participating young man.