Kenya’s supreme court judge chief justice David Maraga (C) stands before delivering the ruling in which the court nullified last month’s presidential election result © Reuters

(JollofNews) – As the battle for the soul of Kenyans will get another round, Henry Maina, Regional Director, ARTICLE 19, Eastern Africa gives his perspective on the upcoming elections scheduled for in October 17after the original result was annulled. In this exclusive interview with journalist Abdoulie JOHN, he takes a look back at the unfolding events that followed the landmark ruling delivered by Chief Justice David Maraga annulling the contested presidential poll.

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JollofNews: Many people believe that Chief Justice Davida Maraga’s ruling is an indictment against international observers. Do you share their opinion?

 Henry Maina: The Supreme Court ruling is not an indictment against international election observers per se. It is an indictment against former US Secretary of State John Kerry and South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki who in giving their missions preliminary reports went beyond parameters of election observers.

JollofNews: The Jubillee Party reacted with threats, and disturbing pronouncements directed to Kenya’s Chief Justice. Do you think this could undermine the country’s judicial system?

Henry Maina

Henry Maina: Yes. It is true that attempts made by some political leaders to strike at the foundations of our judicial system constitute a real threat. However, what we must bear in mind is the judiciary in Kenya is independent, and any process of removing a judge from office requires an elaborate process…

JollofNews: In their submission before Kenya’s Supreme Court, NASA lawyers were able to unveil the role played by the Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC) in subverting the will of the people. Would it be fair for the same electoral body to conduct fresh elections scheduled for October 17?

Henry Maina: To the extent that the Supreme Court has not named another body to conduct the elections, the IEBC is the only legal body to do so. The decision has affected their standing and legitimacy but they can redeem themselves if they are able to run an election according to the laid down laws and policies.

JollofNews: Fears are mounting over a possible ethnicisation of political antagonisms in Kenya. Are these concerns justified?

Henry Maina: The concerns are justified. We have heard utterances from politicians threatening people who voted against the president to leave certain counties before the 17.

JollofNews: Last question, Prof. PLO Lumumba’s decision to stand for Jubilee Party (Uhuru Kenya & William Ruto) in court is met with waves of criticisms in Kenya and across Africa. As a celebrated academic, was it not too risky for him to get into the “jungle full of hyenas?”

Henry Maina: As a lawyer PLO Lumumba can represent anyone. However the fact that he was on the side that was thought to have bangled the election has tainted his standing on the continent.