DA Jawo, Information minister

(JollofNews) – Gambia’s Information Minister Demba Ali Jawo has said the government will consider the three-child policy proposal that parliamentarians from Ecowas, Mauritania and Chad have agreed to help pioneer in the coming years.

“Ecowas has made a suggestion for such a policy. I can assure you that the government is going to consider it,” he told journalists during a presser held on Thursday at GRTS building on MDI Road.

Over the past decades, West Africa has witnessed an exponential population growth that experts fear could hamper efforts to bring prosperity within the subregion.

Burkina Faso’s National Assembly speaker Salifou Diallo is playing a lead role in the campaign. The move is expected to restrict by 2030 every woman to have only three childs.

Minister Jawo said as a member state of Ecowas, it is very likely that  the Gambia will adopt any policy that Ecowas will try to implement.

“The government has to take a decision which it has not done yet,” Jawo added.

However, there are fears that the regional bloc’s three-child policy will spark concerns among Muslim and Christian communities.

The Serrekunda West National Assembly Member Halifa Sallah, who spoke on Thursday to a group of reporters, said Ecowas parliamentarians have the right to initiate any policy they feel necessary. But he was quick to warn against turning social legislation into crimiinal legislation.

“Whatever you cannot transform into criminal legislation, that is really a very bad law,” he stated.

Sallah, who also double as special adviser to President Barrow, suggested that the right approach is to conduct a sensitisation campaign in order to make sure the populations adhere to the project.

“Campaigning to solve populations problems is much better that social legislation.,” said Halifa Sallah.