(JollofNews) – I refuse to believe that no Gambian engineers could have done the trans-Gambia (Yelli-Tenda-Bamba Tenda) bridge.

How were only European and Chinese engineers constructing this mega project, who don’t speak our languages, supposed to be familiar with the soils, or the weather patterns, or the activities of the people, all which should influence how a bridge is constructed?

There’s a very bad habit among government decision makers of imposing infrastructure on people, rather than designing infrastructure based on how people see them or will use them.

Civil servants just tick the boxes in their performance contracts, corporates and politicians are happy to get tenders, and politicians commission the infrastructure to get votes. But none of these guys bothers to ask how the people will use the infrastructure.

That’s why our highways get pedestrian walks and crossings as an afterthought, and so many pedestrians lose lives and limbs on our highways. Yet Frank Fanon warned us that it matters less whether infrastructure is built by foreigners or not. What matters more is if the infrastructure is built with the people in mind. But those are arts questions which the government and corporates consider irrelevant.
So, let’s STEM away!