Alagi Yorro Jallow

(JollofNews)– United Nations sanctions, condemnation and diplomacy is the only option that could deter North Korean leader to abandon his nuclear program. The use of moderate force at this point is not the best option. The fear that military confrontation would degenerate or snowball into Third World War is unlikely.

North Korean leader Kim appears to be neither suicidal nor crazy. In the five and a half years since assuming power at age 27, he has acted with brutal efficiency to consolidate that power; the assassination of his half-brother is only the most recent example. As tyrants go, he’s shown appalling natural ability. For a man who occupies a position both powerful and perilous, his moves have been nothing if not deliberate and even cruelly rational.

And as the latest head of a family that has ruled for three generations, one whose primary purpose has been to survive, as a young man with a lifetime of wealth and power before him, how likely is he to wake up one morning and set fire to his world?

America is once again in an expansionist mood. Iraq was but a “breakfast”. Afghanistan is “picnic lunch”. In North Korea Americans wants to dine! The United States has strong teeth but a weak stomach. No wonder, it has digestive problems with Afghanistan. Be that as it may, America seems intent on using the September 11 attacks to impose what is called a ‘civilization of fear’. Both Iran and North Korea are now in gun sights.

How long is it going to take for America to recognize that war in North Korea will be another fiasco – tragic, deeply dehumanizing and ultimately unwinnable? One thing is clear, peace and stability will never realize if aggression continues and American soldiers remain on North Korean soil. Instead of enacting a charade, America should turn North Korea over to a genuine international coalition headed by the UN and not dug itself into a deep, deep hole. Playing the world’s policeman is not the answer to the madness of the North Korean leader.

Anti-American sentiment, now at its highest, has metastasized all over the world. Democracy in North Korea is a self-made illusion. It is a farce that will be swept away if America and its allies stop propping it up with their bayonets.