Alagi Yorro Jallow

(JollofNews)- President Donald Trump’s response to North Korea is antagonizing at best. His claim that “we will deliver a fire and fury like no one has ever seen” is immature and reckless. What happened to diplomacy and covert meetings with diplomat to diplomat ‘back channels’ to resolve this kind of crisis instead of public fear mongering?

From the outset, the Pentagon has always said that military confrontation would be catastrophic hence the best strategy in the circumstance is to employ diplomacy, dialogue, engagement and not confrontation. President Donald Trump wants a war to help his popularity in the polls. He will start a war with his constant provocation.

Stop the saber-rattling, Donald Trump, a real leader would use intelligence services to make contacts and find resolutions. If everything failed, he would attack without warning and address the nation via all news channels and speak intelligently to the population to insure there is not wide spread panic.

Trump, is provoking and backing into a wall, a very disturbed and angry man, who will push the button and launch nuclear bombs. This is like an inexperienced police officer shooting a mentally handicapped person holding a knife, instead of calming the person down. Military conflict must be avoided. We know conflict will end badly.

The North Korean leader seems to be emboldened by each passing day to advance more ballistic technology. Failure to act or use diplomacy now may spell doom in the long run. Blaming China won’t solve this problem because from all indication, China is not ready to be US puppet or abandon her bilateral trade relations with North Korea. China wants to be world power and they see North Korea nuclear advancement as something to leverage on.

A close observation has shown that the North Korea leader was not interested in what is happening outside his country or in the west rather than advancing his nuclear program. He will not travel out of his country, he will not attend any summit or meeting of heads of States, you won’t see him in public functions even in his country regularly. Human Rights abuses is a common place commodity for him.

Donald Trump

We do not want a nuclear war. It will be the end of us all, no matter what your political leanings, or where you live on this earth. The nuclear fallout will affect us all. Use diplomacy and sanctions to affect change.
When you are the greatest country in the world (which we already are) you have the responsibility to lead with civility and calm not tyrannical schoolyard taunts.

The goal in our nuclear arsenal was never to ever use them – again, but to have them cause us and everyone dealing with us to move to diplomacy and constructive conversations instead of war. In our development and proliferation of nuclear weapons was because we didn’t want war waged by comparing the size of our sticks.

While the rhetoric was at its peak North Korea was busy advancing her nuclear capabilities and today they have successfully test intercontinental ballistic missiles that according to expert’s opinion can reach US mainland. It suffices to note unequivocally that denuclearization of North Korea ballistic technology is difficult now because at the time US should have acted to stop this program, they resorted to unending needless rhetoric and diplomacy.

Now, I know, I remember hearing Donald Trump say, “why have nuclear weapons if you’re never going to use them?” Believe me… if he only ever said that; it is as enough to stop him. But now I find all this too real, too scary. Donald Trump is threatening not just North Korea and the region but – the whole world. It’s not too late to use diplomacy on North Korea.