(JollofNews) – The European Union is pumping some 3,75 billion Dalasi into the Gambia to help strengthen the democratisation processs in the small West African country.

The contribution, according to Neven Mimica, EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, is part of his organisations commitments to partner with the Gambia on its path towards democracy.

He said the EU will before the end of the year inject an additional D7,5 billion  aid into the country.

Announcing the new aid package shortly after her meeting President Adama Barrow, Carla Montesi, director for West and Central Africa at the European Commission Directorate of International Cooperation and Development, said: “Today’s disbursement is an important step forward for the EU’s development partnership with the Gambian Government. We remain committed to supporting Gambians in their democratic transition.

“Through this unprecedented grant, the EU aims to promote sound public financial management, mobilising domestic resources and fighting corruption as well as supporting political reforms.

“The EU is also looking forward to strengthening its relations with the Gambia in the fields of migration and economic development and in particular support to youth employment.”

The European Union is the Gambia’s largest donor. Last month, the organisation, disbursed D1,25 billion to help stabilise the Gambia’s budget and balance of payment.