(JollofNews) – Firstly, we welcome your ministry openness and willingness to engage Gambians on matters that concern the activities of your ministry. This is a commendable move and hope other ministries and other public institutions will emulate your ministry positive move.

As a concerned citizen, I was equally concerned when Hon. Interior Minister, Mai Ahmad Fatty said that our national treasury was emptied by the then President shortly before his exile exit to Equatorial Guinea. This undoubtedly created huge economic and financial challenges for our country’s economy.

The Barrow’s government therefore needs help from within and outside. This explained why our donor and development partners are willing to assist our country. But Hon Minister , Mai Ahmad Fatty, charity begins at home.

Our donor and development partners expect us to be financially disciplined and prioritize our country’s need in this trying times. It is on this note that the following matters arises as per the Interior Ministry recent activities, which are of great concerns to us and therefore want clarification on the following:

First In, First Out

  1. Interior Ministry Relocation to 168 Plaza on Berthil Harding Highway 

1.1 What was the rationale for relocating your ministry far away from the other key ministries?

1.2 We would also want to have answers to the following questions:

1.2.1 How much does the complex cost the ministry to rent monthly/yearly?

1.2.2 How much does the Interior Ministry save monthly/yearly by relocating?

1.2.3 How does your ministry identify the new landlord?

1.2.4 Was your ministry’s relocation approved by the National Assembly?

  1. US$48 Million Investment in Forensic Lab 

2.1 Who provides the US$48 Million funding?

2.1.1 Are there are any strings attached to the US$48 Million funding?

2.1.2 How much is the Gambia Government contributing towards the building of the Forensic Lab?

2.1.3 What are the anticipated short and long-term returns/benefits of this investment to the Gambia government and her people?

2.2 How was the contract awarded to the contractor?

2.3. Was the contract tender publicly to give opportunity to BOTH local and international bidders to express their interests?

2.4 Where are the US$48 Million funding deposited? For clarification matter: Which bank is the account open?

2.5 Did your ministry involved the Procurement Unit in the award of the contract?

2.6. Was Cabinet duly informed?

Submitted for your information and feedback, please.

Arona John