350Jatta(JollofNews) – The leader of Gambia’s former ruling party has slammed the Government of Adama Barrow for refusing to grant his party a permit to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the July 22nd Revolution.

Fabakary Tombong Jatta, interim leader of the APRC, said his party had planned to commemorate the day, which brought former President Yahya Jammeh to power in 1994 in honour of his significant achievements for the country.

However, he said their application for a permit was rejected by the government.

Mr Jatta said Mr Jammeh had brought about so many developments in the Gambia and President Barrow and his government are fearful of the strength and popularity of the APRC among Gambians.

He added: “The APRC government brought about unprecedented development to the doorsteps of all Gambian irrespective of party or ethnic identities.

“Our government has transformed the country from a stone-age to a rapid developing nation and as such, it is only fitting for any well-meaning Gambian to solemnly reflect on its achievement.

The former majority leader said under the leadership of former President Jammeh, the APRC has accomplished various development projects in infrastructure, social services, health, education, housing, agriculture, protection of life and properties, youth and women empowerment.

He said Mr Jammeh’s has improve the livelihood of Gambians and his achievements are there for everyone one to see. He added that the Barrow government may try but it can never damage the positive legacy of the APRC government.