Fabakary Tombong Jatta

The interim leader of  former President Yahya Jammeh’s APRC party has vow never to repeat the mistakes made during his 22 year reign in power.

Fabakary Tombong Jatta said:“Another APRC leadership in government will not repeat the mistakes made under the leadership of former President Jammeh. I want to emphasise that, this is a new group of leaders, we are not soldiers but civilians who are interested in the development of this country,”

He said recent calls  for the APRC to be banned by a sitting National Assembly member should not be entertained in a democratic state.

“The current APRC leadership is with the conviction that, selective justice is unacceptable in a democratic state,” Jatta added.

“The Coalition Government should stop being paranoid about the APRC and former President Jammeh. It should  focus on  developing the country.

“We want the Coalition Government to expeditiously put up measures to curb the growing rate of armed robbery, rape and murder especially in the Greater Banjul Area and stop the blame game on the former government.

“The Coalition Government came on a platform of a New Gambia, which will ensure democracy, rule of law and protection of fundamental rights with lot of other promises. Therefore, we demand that they fulfill their campaign promises and stop the rhetoric about APRC and Jammeh.

“As far as the promise by the new government Gambians are expecting the creation of youth employment, price reduction of basic commodities, for example, a bag of rice to cost D500, free visa for our youths, reliable and efficient electricity supply and the introduction of presidential term limits among others.”

The former majority leader and member for Serrekunda East accused the Barrow government of failing to protect the rights of Gambians especially the freedom of association, assembly and expression.

He also accused the government of failing to meet its promises to farmers .

“Since assuming the reigns of power, the Government has not fulfilled any of its promises, even the provision of seed nuts, farming implements and fertiliser to farmers. It should be noted that the distributed fertilizer were the leftovers of the APRC government,” he said.

Mr Jatta renewed calls for the government to launch an immediate independent investigation in to the death of Haruna Jatta who was killed by security officers during a peaceful protest in Foni.

He  also call on the Government to immediately drop all politically motivated charges against APRC members such as the Kanilai peaceful demonstrators and those arrested during the victory celebration in Sibanor and demilitarise the Fonis especially Kanilai.

Courtesy of Standard Newspaper