(JollofNews) – A United Kingdom-based Gambian medic, Solo Demba, Tuesday donated books covering different areas of law to the Faculty of Law of the University of The Gambia.

The presentation was made by Peter Kalment Mendy on behalf of Mr Demba at the office of the Dean of the Faculty of Law, in Kanifing.

The donation was part of Solo’s calling to contribute in raising the quality of legal education in his beloved country.

Mr Demba said: “From a realist perspective, the protection of fundamental rights goes beyond the mere application and administration of the laws. Indeed, it is through teaching that practitioners acquire the knowledge and the skills necessary to justly apply laws for the greater benefit of the society. There can be no doubt that with a sense of collectiveness, we will make the Gambia a fairer and just place to live by enhancing and supporting legal education.”

Professor, Dr Abubacarr A. Senghorr, a recipient of the donated books, expressed his sincere gratitude and appreciation.

“On behalf of the entire faculty of law, academic and main staff and students, I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr Demba for his generosity by presenting these very valuable books to the faculty, he said.

“Books are always very expensive and very difficult to acquire, especially for students and given the economic situation in the country, many parents are not in a better position to buy these books for their children.”

Dr Senghorr described Solo’s contribution in this form as timely and very important for the faculty.

He added: “This is a life-changing contribution. It is no doubt that Solo contributed significantly to the promotion and strengthening of legal education in our country because the most important instruments for us today are the books.

“There are online source but most people cannot access them because their access are secured. Therefore, having hard copies like this will immensely help. So anyone who can help will definitely be appreciated.

“We want to thank Solo very much and we pray to Almighty God to be with him and his family. We also urge him to continue to have and keep the interest of our faculty in his mind. We have now made him the Goodwill Ambassor of the faculty in the UK. There are very good people in the UK. We always receive support from various partners including the University of Bristol and there are also some other generous philanthropist like Solo. So let him continue the good work he has just started.”

Professor Senghore also thank Peter Kalment Mendy, an alumnus of the same faculty and now a lecturer.

He said: “We want to thank you for being the connecting route – you are the one that linked us to Solo. We are proud of you for exhibiting so much love for your Alma-mater. We are also proud of the fact that after completing your masters you are back to your alma-mater to give your own contribution.”