Mr Jammeh came to power in a military coup in July 1994

(JollofNews) – Supporters of Gambia’s former longterm ruler Yahya Jammeh will next Friday commemorate the anniversary of the military coup which brought him to power.

Mr Jammeh came to power on 22 July 1994 and ruled the Gambia until December 2016 when he was defeated in the polls by Adama Barrow.

Although the new administration has accused his APRC regime of committing gross right violations, corruption and ruining the hopes and aspirations of Gambians, Mr Jammeh’s supporters have credited him for bringing development to the doorsteps of Gambians including, hospitals and health centres, good road networks, schools, a national university and modern airport.

Musa Amul Nyassi, APRC National Assembly member for Foni Kansala, said the party has obtained a written permit from the office of the Inspector General of Police to mark the event.

“The Party militants will come together to celebrate the day in grand style and we want the whole Gambia to know that APRC is alive and the militants are still loyal to the Party,” he told the independent Standard Newspaper.

“I don’t want to say much because the Party has structures; we have an interim leader who is the chairman of the national coordinating committee.

“There are plans for a press briefing at which lot of issues will be highlighted about the celebrations.”

Mr Nyassi said the APRC although the party has had some failures, it has made a lot success across the country.

He added that although the party’s founder is in exile as part of a deal brokered by regional leaders, the party militants in the country will consolidates on its successes, rectify its mistakes, weaknesses and keep the party alive and relevant to the Gambian people.