Fafa Sanyang

(JollofNews)- The Gambian Minister of Petroleum & Energy, Fafa Sanyang, Monday led a delegation of senior officials to Dakar, Senegal as first step toward an energy cooperation between The Gambia and Senegal building on an already special relation between the two sister republics.

The outcome of the visit was the finalization of a memorandum of understanding between the two national utilities (SENELEC & NAWEC) and the initialing of a highly concessional draft Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between the two Utilities to be presented for approval by their respective Boards for final signature.

The PPA deal would interconnect cross-border points of KeurAyib (Zone 1), Karang (Zone 2), TambaKunda (zone 3) and supply by SENELEC immediately to NAWEC between three (3)MW to ten (10) MW and possibility of expanding as the capacity of the network grows.

The supply from SENELEC will significantly complement NAWEC`s efforts and very soon, most parts of rural Gambia will start enjoying 24hrs of electricity supply, a significant milestone in the rural electrification programme of government.

While in Dakar Minister  Sanyang also paid a courtesy call on the Prime Minister of Senegal and intimated to him The Gambia Government’s aspiration to have sector wide cooperation between our two ministries of energy and petroleum.

The objective is to align our policies, strategies and mutually defend our interest given that we all belong to the West Africa Power Pool (WAPP), Gambia River Basin Development Organisation (OMVG), Senegalo-Gambia Permanent Secretariat and the Mauritania-Senegal-Gambia-Guinea Bissau-Guinea Conakry Basin (MSGBC geological Basin).

The PM of Senegal thanked the Hon. Minister, welcomed the initiative and confirmed his government’s firm commitment and full support. He has urged both parties to expeditiously take the necessary next step of formalizing the energy and petroleum cooperation through Diplomatic Channels.