Bubacarr Badjie

(JollofNews) – A Gambian whistleblower who exposed the high level of corruption at the country’s former National Intelligence Agency (NIA) -now State Intelligence Services- and the incompetence of its staff is hot waters.

Bubacarr A.M.O Badjie, legal adviser of the spy agency is accused of breaking the country’s security secrets and code of conduct binding on all active and serving officers of this intelligence service.

Mr Badjie has accused the agency of having a 60 per cent workforce that is “functionally illiterate” and can neither read or understand the English Language.

He said a large percentage of the staff some of whom were members of President Jammeh’s Green Youths and relatives living at the residence of Mr Jammeh’s mum, were recruited into the agency by past and present directors, former army generals and Mr Jammeh’s cousin, Pa Bojang.

“The usefulness of such people as NIA agents is very insignificant as most of them cannot write comprehensive English Language nor understand it,” Badjie wrote in a petition to the Office of the President.

In the petition, Mr Badjie also revealed how former President Yahya Jammeh used the NIA to spy on the campaign team of President Adama Barrow during last year’s disputed presidential election.

The NIA has reacted with fury to Mr Badjie’s allegations which it described as ‘untrue’ and has allegedly issued an order for his arrest.

The agency said it has a high calibre of staff some of who are graduates with masters, bachelors, HTC, post-graduate diplomas in various areas.

It added: “Having set the records straight, please allow us to most unequivocally condemn the behavior of Bubacarr A.M.O Badjie who has without respect to the demands of national security and secrecy made allegations that are untrue yet constitute violations of the official secrets and code of conduct binding on all active and serving officers of this intelligence service.”