(JollofNews) – A resident of Foni who was injured in Friday’s clash in Kanilai with officers of the Senegal led military intervention force in the Gambia has died of his injuries, says reports from Banjul.

The protester who is identified by locals as Haruna Jatta, is reported to have died early Saturday morning in hospital from gunshot wounds.

He was among thousands of Foni residents who gathered in former President Yahya Jammeh’s native village, Kanilai, some 119km from Banjul, and displayed banners calling for the immediate withdrawal of ECOMIG soldiers in the area.

The demonstrators were met by ECOMIG soldiers  guarding Mr Jammeh’s residence who discharged live ammunition  injuring two people. Other reports said six people were injured.

The Government of the Gambia is yet to make a public comment on the protest. But the Foni residents has accused the government of militarising the region with heavily armed soldiers who are intimidating them.

“This was a peaceful demonstration by all the natives of Foni and we want to make it clear to the government that we want the immediate withdrawal of heavily armed Senegalese soldiers in our villages,” one demonstrator told JollofNews.

“We are all ready to die to put an end to this militarisation of Foni. The entire Foni is crawling with heavily armed soldiers who are intimidating residents.  We didn’t protest against the deployment of soldiers here during the previous regime because President Jammeh used to visit the area regularly. But now that he is no longer president and is not even in the country, we want to see an end to the militarisation of Foni.

“Why is Foni being singled out? Are we the only part of the Gambia that supported President Jammeh or benefitted from his regime? Foni is and will always be part of the Gambia. Why are we being treated differently? If the government is not singling Foni out then how come we don’t have heavy ECOMIG presence in Banjul, Basse, Serrekunda, Farafenni, Soma and other parts of the country?”