single barrel guns are used by local Gambians for hunting

(JollofNews) – An eight-year-old Gambian boy is reported to have accidentally shot dead his 12-year-old foster-sister with a locally made single barrel gun (Kartus).

The boy, who has not been name was said to have been playing with his father’s loaded gun on Friday between 0900 and 10:30 am, when he pulled the trigger.

“The boy’s father, Alieu Mbaye, who resides in one of the villages in the Niamina District, Central River Region (CRR), left his locally made firearm in his house and went to the farm,” a police spokesman said.

“While Alieu was away, his 8-year-old son took the loaded firearm and shot the foster-sister ,which resulted with the cartridges penetrating into her chest, allegedly causing her instant death.”

Police said the boy sustained some injuries caused by backfire from the gun and was treated and discharged from hospital. He is currently placed in the care of the police child welfare office.

Alieu Mbaye was arrested and charged with rash and negligence act causing death and unlawfully possession of firearm without license.