Ex-president Yahya Jammeh announcing his exit from power

(JollofNews) – Gambia’s former president Yahya Jammeh has withdrawn his challenge to last December’s presidential election results.

According to judicial sources, Mr Jammeh who now lives in exile in Equatorial Guinea as part of a deal brokered by regional leaders, has instructed his lawyer, Edward Mendy to discontinue the suit in the interest of peace and unity.

Mr Jammeh who ruled the Gambia for 22 years was defeated in the election by Adama Barrow of the opposition coalition.

He initially conceded defeat and praised the country’s electoral system as rigged proof. He changed his mind a week later and declared the results null and void citing huge and unacceptable mistakes by the electoral commission.

However, the supreme court was unable to hear the case due to a shortage of judges. And at the end of his mandate, he was forced to step down from power following threats of military force by regional forces.