Michael Scales

(JollofNews) – For many years of viewing the focus of dissent against the excesses of the former Jammeh regime, the consensus of majority opinion online was uncontroversial.

The online media did an excellent job, policing the outrageous condition of those citizens who were persecuted and gave up their lives for democracy and equal rights and to choose a lifestyle without fear.

Thus when Jammeh was gone and democracy returned to the Gambia, I had thought the future for Gambians would unleash the true potential of freedom. But as the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold.

The aftermath of Jammeh’s intolerance to dissent is a road strewn with disquiet and an ever loud argument for and against the coalition government.  For the smallest nation in mainland Africa, there is without doubt so many opposing differences that are manifest on the pages of the true democratic voice of opinion. This is deeply worrying.

The coalition government is faced with many problems of debt, under funding and a growing miserable existence for the majority poor and impoverished citizens. This was a government set straight with the vision of being for all Gambians. But already there are voices screaming marginalisation. Wether it be the Ahmadis or the Jolas or those against  a UDP majority in government and parliament.

Under Jammeh when intolerance was seen, it was met by the acclaim of his followers who sited under Jammeh their was peace and security. That without Jammeh, Gambians could not have this. The future for those who make up the coalition transitional team does seem to be short-term. For better or for worse and faced with too many situations of concern, this government needs to survive and be given international support.

Its birth was by the grace and intervention of ECOWAS. Its life must be supported by the international community. Less Gambia falls apart and becomes ungovernable,  with all the dire consequences that will follow. This calls for strong leadership. A mastermind who can see over the next page of history.

We have all been too quick to judge and undermine President Barrow for what ever motive. We play a game so dangerous yet with frivolity.We must stop looking at this president with failure in our heart and start praying he can win the peace.

I have nothing but respect for Gambians. You have endured a life on the wrong side of good fortune. Let us think positive of what we can do to uplift this nation’s destiny and not its demise.

In November 2016, I started with “ If the Gambia is not worth dyeing for it is not worth living for” you have done the hard bit. The killing has stopped, now let’s embrace life and freedom and finish the job at hand.