Mai Ahmad Fatty

(JollofNews) –  Mai Ahmad Fatty, minister of the Interior and leader of the Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) has said that there is no longer a spokesperson for the various political parties forming the country’s coalition.

According to Mr Fatty, Halifa Sallah seized to be recognised as the Coalition government’s spokesman following the appointment of Demba A Jawo as Information minister and Amie Bojang-Susso as Director of Press respectively.

He added: “I want you media people to understand and let me make it very clear to you that the coalition no longer has a spokesperson and Halifa Sallah is no longer the spokesperson of the coalition.

“Halifa is a member of PDOIS and he can only speak on behalf of his party but not the coalition,” the GMC leader told a press conference on Sunday jointly organized by his party, UDP and NRP at UDP’s political bureau in Kanifing.

However, in an interview with Fatu Network, Omar A Jallow (OJ), Minister of Agriculture insisted that Halifa Sallah is still the spokesperson of the Coalition and Mai Fatty has no power to sack him.