Yaya Jamanka

(JollofNews) – The family of a ten-year-old Gambian boy who suffered third-degree burns after he was accidentally pushed into a bonfire have launched an urgent appeal for financial assistance.

Yaya Jamanka of Brikama-Ba Village, Central River Region (CRR), was trying to stop a fight between two of his friends on February 2nd, when he was pushed into the fire by one of the boys.

According to his mum, Dado Baldeh, the incident happened in a cold evening when the children were sitting around a bonfire fire that was lit by one of the elders to keep the family warm.

“Two boys of about similar age began to fight over something. My son tried to stop the fight but one of the boys turned around and accidentally pushed him into the fire,” she said.

“We took him to Bansang Hospital where he was admitted before he was later transferred to the Edaward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul after his conditions worsened.”

Yaya’s mum is unemployed and his dad is also fighting for his life after he a stroke attack. His family is currently relying on handouts to pay for his medication.

His situation is deteriorating and doctors have recommended treatment which is not available in the Gambia.

“My son is suffering and is in terrible pain. We are appealing for financial assistance from the government and general public to enable us to provide treatment for him,” said a tearful Mrs Baldeh.

Individuals wishing to help Yaya can do show by visiting this Gofund webpage.