Njundu Drammeh

(JollofNews) – Nko (I say) Yaya Jammeh wasn’t a benchmark. Whatever he did, through omission or commission, was neither a benchmark nor a standard to look up to.

There was nothing to emulate about him or his misdeeds. He was not a role model that any parent would have asked his or her child to look up to. He was the bogeyman or ogre. So we should stop making reference to his past as the benchmark we should measure our progress against.

A diversion from constitutional norm; Yaya did worse with impunity and no one ever questioned it. A questioning of whatever is happening now; you were completely silent for 22 years. These comparisons and others make me sick.

Ex-President Jammeh

Our past under Yaya was nothing to be proud or to write home about. It wasn’t the hallmark of our history; it was our age of brutality and darkness…. The Coalition came on a high note, not only to do things differently but to also do different things; to put the nation on a higher pedestal; to restore and strengthen our democratic values, the rule of law, human rights; to give us back our pride and dignity lost in the woods of kanilia….. They set for themselves higher values and ideals; they raised the bar higher.

Since the Coalition sets for itself a higher bar and nobler standards, it is against these that we measure their actions, not by those prescribed by Yaya. So when people question the acts or actions of the new Government in the market place they shouldn’t be shouted down and reminded that “Yaya did worst” or “Yaya never respected the Constitution”. Comparisons aren’t only odious but they also provide a justification for underperformance or bad action, or tend to reduce or minimalise a bad effect…

I want to hold my Government to higher standards and better practices. NOT below the par.