Lawyer Edu Gomez

(JollofNews) – A Gambian lawyer who represented former President Yahya Jammeh in his ill-fated attempt to overturn the results of last December presidential election at the Supreme Court has rubbished reports that he was paid substantial amount of money for his services.

Edward Anthony Gomez said he his services for the former president were rendered in kindness and he has never received a single Dollar.

“I never asked for USD 400,000.00 and I was never given such amount not even a single Dollar. Not one Dalasi of D2, 800,000.00 reached us,” Mr Gomez told Mr Jammeh’s owned Daily Observer Newspaper.

He added: “It is possible that he paid it through an intermediary but that money never reached us. If people think that I made a fortune out of this case, nothing can be further away from the truth. I was in pursuit of my professional career. I also have to make this very clear that me representing the APRC and the ex-president was purely from a professional point of view.

“Ethically, a lawyer cannot refuse to represent a client because that client has committed the most heinous or the most gruesome offense or the client happens to be more popular, the lawyer cannot turn back and say look am sorry but I cannot represent you.”

Mr Gomez who admitted to have been under tremendous pressure and coercion while working on Mr Jammeh’s failed bid to block Adama Barrow from assuming the presidency said he has not regretted representing him in the courts.

He said Mr Jammeh was only exercising his constitutional right when he filed a legal challenge against the election results following the release of two different results by the Independent Electoral Commission.

Ex-president Yahya Jammeh

He added that Mr Jammeh had doubted whether the result announced were accurate and reflect the true decision of the Gambian people.

“In my honest opinion as a legal practitioner, everybody has a right to go to court and ask for a fair hearing,” he said.

“It is for the courts to determine whether or not the elections were duly and properly conducted or whether the results as promulgated were accurate. This is the process that was on which need to file a petition. It is for the court to determine after careful consideration of all the evidences (documentary and oral) before it whether former president Jammeh’s complain has merit or not. It may be that the figures may not be accurate.”